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March 31, 2023

vol 2, no. 2

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We watch the pillars of our constitutional democracy shake every day-- we fail to keep kids safe at school; a former president is indicted; OpenAI has released to the world a tool that can massively accelerate the production of misinformation and fraud.

It's time to breathe and accept that the job at hand is only one part fighting the fire of the next election. We have to renovate our democracy for the long haul. That takes reflection. It takes deliberation. These are things only humans can do.

I'm here for the marathon. Leading my Allen Lab for Democracy Renovation at Harvard (we just released a load of work on AI). Leading the Democratic Knowledge Project to build a 21st century civic education infrastructure. Leading Partners In Democracy to drive democracy renovation nationally, starting in Massachusetts.

And writing a year-long series of columns for the Washington Post on the what, how, and why of Democracy Renovation. You can find the March pieces down below or over there -->

Right now, I'm talking Congress. Why we should grow the House of Representatives. But soon I'll turn to our state electoral mechanisms and what we should do about them.

Please join me in the Democracy Renovation Community for reflection, deliberation, and action.

-- Danielle

Washington Post Columns

If we grow Congress, how big should we let it get?
What do readers say?

PS- I have a new book

I'm really excited to share that after a decade of labor my capstone work of political philosophy comes out from the University of Chicago Press on April 26th. It's called Justice by Means of Democracy.

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