Democracy Renovation Newsletter

December 2022

vol 1, no. 3

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Introducing Partners In Democracy

Since April 2022, I've been building a new organization to drive democracy renovation in Massachusetts and nationally. In the near term, we'll be tackling the fact that Massachusetts has the lowest voting registration rate for African Americans in the country and among the least competitive state elections.

While we're not yet quite ready for a full public launch, we do want our friends to check us out and provide feedback. Take a look and consider supporting us!

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Aspirational Federalism

The Coronavirus crisis taught me we could do a lot more to make our federal system work better for us. Lately, I've been trying to articulate a new framework for pulling the interacting levers of our federal structure.

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Let the House Grow!

Ever considered whether it was time to increase the size of Congress? I argue it is.

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On this podcast, hosted by Yascha Mounk, I tie together two of my major themes: power-sharing liberalism and aspirational federalism! I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

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