Hair Rollers, Lipstick, Nail Polish and More.
This elegant kit if full of practical life, social and 
cognitive activities that are meaningful and 
relatable to women. Keep them busy and have 
some fun! 
Measuring Tape Roll & Sort
Everyone knows what to do with this activity! Rolling measuring tapes and sorting them according to colour. This is a great way to exercise fingers while engaging in a familiar activity.
Hair Roller Sort
The hairdresser will be so grateful for your help! This activity is practical, cognitive and sensory all in one.
Baby Loving Therapy
It's well known that Baby Dolls can bring joy to many resident's in LTC. Our dolls are life size and fully dressed in beautiful clothes for a realistic baby loving experience
Zip the Zipper Sort
The vibrations when zipping the zippers add an extra sensory effect! Zip and sort according to colour.
Sewing Thread Sort
Let's get it organized! Sort the spools according to their colour. Familiar objects make it easy to connect.
Pasta Sort
Mom makes the best pasta. Keep your residents busy with sorting different types of pasta. Sorting builds eye hand coordination and makes people with dementia feel useful in contributing to a task that is needed.
Nail Polish Sort
The salon will be so happy when I tell them you helped organize all the nail polish bottles.
Cutlery Dry & Sort
Wet the cutlery and ask your resident to dry and sort them in the visually successful tray. Every man and woman will know how to do this!

Spatula Sort
Colourful spatula are mixed up and need to be sorted. Familiar objects make things concrete and easy for people dementia to connect to.
Garden Flower Arranging
Beautiful flowers that are just the right size for creating gorgeous bouquets.
Montessori Readers
6 titles that come in packs of 4
These books are presented in a way that makes reading successful for people with dementia. Just try and you'll see! They can be read individually or in a group of 4.
Recipe Cards for Food Preparation
Each recipe come with 4 cards. The recipe where chosen for their simple process that makes food preparation easy and familiar for a person with dementia. The pictures make the process real. There are also instruction on the back of the cards with pictures of how to do the step.
Food Bingo With Easy Grip Placers
Let's spice up Bingo! Your residents will love this version of food bingo. Filled with beautiful pictures of real life familiar food, and maybe some new foods. The easy grip placers add a sensory aspect to the game and makes easier for residents to mark the pictures.
Word to Picture Association
This is a great group activity that will enjoyed by all! Word cards seed to be matched to the beautiful pictures of food items. Velcro tabs on the back of the word cards make it easy to stick to the picture so they don't slide off.
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