Living in a Bubble
Christians are sometimes accused by worldly individuals of " living in a bubble." The non-Christian can easily see the contrast between their lives and the happiness of a follower of Jesus. As I thought about this, I had to agree we are guilty as charged. Psalm 5:12 clearly states, " For surely, O Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield." Though undeserving and only because of His grace, we indeed live in a sphere of good and perfect gifts "coming down from the Father" in heaven. (See James 1:17.).

 The following verses from Proverbs 11 further emphasize this wonderful truth of the blessedness of those who love Jesus with all their hearts and pursue righteousness:

Proverbs 11

v. 3 - "The integrity of the upright guides them."

v. 4 - "Righteousness delivers from death."

v. 5 - "The righteousness of the blameless makes a straight way for     


v. 6 - "The righteousness of the upright delivers them."

v. 8 - "The righteous man is rescued from trouble."

v. 18 - "He who sows righteousness reaps a sure reward."

v. 19 - "The truly righteous man attains life."

v. 21 - "Those who are righteous will go free."

v. 23 - "The desire of the righteous ends only in good."

v. 28 - "The righteous will thrive like a green leaf."


     Let's continually offer up thanksgiving to our Lord Jesus for keeping us covered by His righteous blood. The devil would love to steal our barricade from us, but he has no power to do so as long as we live righteously. Never allow unforgiven sin to puncture the protective shield in which God has so lovingly enwrapped you. You are a winner, because you are enveloped in the impenetrable bubble of God's blessing!

Prayer: "Dear Father, let us never forget all the benefits you generously bring into our lives. Thank you for forgiving all our sins and healing all our diseases, and satisfying our desires so that our youth is renewed. Help us to clearly share this good news with others so they, too, may live protected and encapsulated by your great love."

Missing you and praying for you today.  Let me hear from you soon.



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