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Teakdecking Systems (TDS) changed boat deck construction methods by introducing a Swedish technique of pre-manufactured decks in 1983. This is now the standard.
Teak Deck Manufacturing
Our innovation didn't stop there. When we couldn't find an epoxy that met our needs for adhesion and void filling, we developed it. When we needed better caulking, we developed an award-winning product. When we wanted effective environmentally-friendly cleaning products, we developed them.

Innovation is the culture at Teakdecking Systems.

So is technical expertise.

In 38 years, we perfected the art and science of building decks.
Learning happened with trial and error during those 38 years, and our team wants to help boat owners, crew, repair technicians, marine stores, and anyone who can benefit from our experiences.

So, we are writing and posting technical articles on our website, building a library, with new editions published monthly.

Here are recent editions with links to the articles:
Teak decking, known for its classic beauty and premier functionality, reigns as the decking choice. Many boat owners insist on it. Others are not sure, especially when they learn the cost. Why is teak decking so expensive? The reasons are complex. Read the full article....
Teak decking quality is dependent on regular inspection and maintenance. To assist boat owners, Teakdecking Systems offers these expert tips on assessing a boat’s teak decking quality. Years of enjoyment can be added to this beautiful and valuable investment with proper care. Read the full article...
Teak decking caulking and seam condition is a critical indicator of the deck’s quality. Inspecting the caulking and seams can determine the overall deck condition, teak deck thickness, and remaining life of the deck. Read the full article...
“I’d rather burn my boat to the waterline before recaulking seams again,” a boat owner said to our Sales Manager at a recent boat show. Then the boat owner laughed and said, “Of course, my family and I love the Hylas 54 too much to do this. But I sure did have some frustrations, largely my fault. It was my first recaulking job, and it was a big one with nearly one mile of seams.”

At TDS, we understand that it’s a big job. An aging teak deck can have proud caulking. Scuffing a foot on the deck could loosen the caulk. Or tugging on the caulking will easily pull it up. If caulk has separated from the teak planking, it will eventually loosen if not repaired. These gaps will trap water and potentially cause damage.

We have perfected the art of caulking and want to share advice to prevent frustrations like those of the owner at the boat show. Here, we provide some time-tested tips, and if you call us, we will walk you through the process. We want your re-seaming project to be a success. Read the full article...
With the growing popularity of gray and white marine caulking for boat decks, we address the additional considerations for the installation and maintenance of these products, as compared to black caulking.

Teakdecking Systems SIS 440 Teak Deck Caulking in white and gray offer the same performance results as black caulking. However, different pigmentation formulas for these light colors make it necessary to adapt procedures for installation, cure time, sanding, and general maintenance. The light-colored caulk is not as “forgiving” as black caulk and requires more care from technicians during installation, as well as more maintenance during use. Read the full article...
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