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So Many Uses!
SIS 440 CAULKING is designed for use with teak and harsh weather conditions...and it is effective for these uses too:
  • Bumper Rails
  • Fairleads
  • Skylights
  • Showers
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The "Motor" of Teakdecking Systems
For 35 years, Alan Brosilow has been a growth-driver at Teakdecking Systems, and he is known by many in the industry. Lars Lewander, the founder and former CEO of TDS, calls Alan the “motor” of TDS, always innovating and driving business.

First a Customer
Not only one of the first ten employees of TDS, Alan was a customer in 1983 with Job Order #74 – a teak deck installed on his 1965 Cheoy Lee Lion. Recognizing the unique and innovative technology, Alan saw the product's growth potential (and he was right).
Early Experience
Alan seemed destined for Teakdecking Systems. As a young boy, he learned old-world woodworking craftsmanship from his grandfather in Chicago, working for him on Saturdays. Later, Alan worked in his family’s business, manufacturing car batteries, learning business skills, including sales and production management. Then he rebuilt Victorian houses in Upstate New York and also restored boats on Lake Champlain.

Move to Florida
The wind blew Alan south, to Clearwater, Florida, where he bought the 1965 Cheoy Lee. He rebuilt it from the ground up and installed a TDS teak deck after a friend took him to Teakdecking Systems, where he met the Swedish inventor and his brother. Free-spirited, he sailed the Florida coastline, Bahamas, and the Caribbean for a while. 

Back in Florida, working as a marine carpenter and impressed with his teak deck, he became a TDS distributor. Later, TDS hired him, and his boatbuilding experience enabled him to connect with other boatbuilders. The business grew deck-by-deck, mostly by word-of-mouth he says.

Product Innovator
As TDS grew, the products used to build teak decks were not adequate, as discovered when removing decks. “We learned what we didn’t like,” Alan says. “So, TDS developed SIS 440 Caulking, a product that worked with teak in harsh environments. Adhesives required a hazardous primer, so TDS developed less corrosive glues, safer for the environment and the worker. Products are developed for the boatbuilder, and TDS cleaners are built for the environment with Marpol and Florida Green Marina certifications.” He helped expand the addition of composite decking, and he has a keen interest in wood alternatives, exploring all options.

An Installer at Heart
Alan Brosilow says that he is a decking installer at heart. However, he rose to Vice President of Sales because of his strong business acumen. Most importantly, he has a passion for boats!

“I love every new boat, and I love every old boat!” he states.

When Alan is not working, he is usually on his or a friend’s boat fishing in the Gulf of Mexico’s waters or enjoying time with his wife, Sheila, and daughter, Victoria.
TDS greatly appreciates Alan for more than 30 years of driving the business!
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