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Hot Project: 53' Oyster
On the gulf coast of Florida, it's hot! Outdoor temperatures are close to 100F and the state is a COVID hotspot. But nothing will stop this 53' Oyster from getting new teak decks installed at a boatyard near our manufacturing facility.
Today, we share the "before" photos and the newly manufactured teak panels that were delivered to a local boatyard a few days ago. In three to four weeks, when this boat is ready to splash, we'll email the finished photos.
The 18-year-old boat is showing wear and tear
Teak is thin; caulking is missing or proud
Recaulking is not an option
All decks have to be replaced
New! Weatherdeck
New! Bow
New! Forward Cabin Tops
New! Rear Cabin Tops
WATCH FOR finished photos of the Oyster 53 by email! We will send them as soon as the installation is complete.
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FFE-200 Fairing & Bonding Compound

When Teakdecking Systems (TDS) engineers cannot find products suitable for use, they develop their own. FFE-200 Fairing & Bonding is one of the marine epoxy formulations that is exclusive to TDS.

Pre-assembled teak decking panels required a bonding product that was not only strong but flexible - and easy to use with vacuum bagging. The product required adequate open-time to place the panels, void-free. So, FFE-200 was developed to expand the TDS epoxy family with a fitting and fairing epoxy that's strong enough to bond decking, but flexible.
  • Good bond strength
  • Excellent for fairing
  • Excellent wet-out of bonding surfaces
  • Best for vacuum bagging
  • Medium viscosity for ease of spreading and leveling
  • Flexible strength resists shock and twist

  • Lightweight fillers for reduced weight and sand-ability
  • 1:1 ratio for easy mixing
  • Non-blushing
  • Good low temperature cure (minimum 45F or 7C)
  • Sizes Shown: 1 Gallon (3.78L) and 1 Quart (0.95L)
Jon Feldman, Director of Sales
Foreshadowing a life tied to the sea, Jonathan Feldman was born at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital in New Hampshire. Staying in one place was not his destiny in a military family. Inspired by an adopted uncle, a Virginia Tech archeologist, meant Jon heard tales of distant places and was encouraged to travel and explore as much as possible. 

With a desire to see the world and captivated by the design and engineering of yachts, Jon found a perfect fit in the maritime industry, building a career around his passions and interests. After extensive cruising, in 2005, he decided to reside in Florida but admits Virginia remains the place he calls home.

Continuing to follow interests, since 2005, Jon has worked closely with boat owners, owner representatives, project staff, shipyards, designers, and industry firms worldwide to provide outfitting and administrative support services for new construction and refit projects.
Then he crossed paths with Richard Strauss, president of Teakdecking Systems. As Jon learned about the successful employee-owned company, he found himself moved by the people, opportunities, and ambitions of the small company that leaves a big impression. A sales job at TDS meant Jon was also directly tied to manufacturing, which was most important. It was a natural fit for his skills and his passions, and he joined the company in May 2020.
"I am energized daily by leading a sales and project management team and contributing to the cross-functional method of building decks," Jon states. "I'm learning the ins and outs of woodworking from industry experts like Alan Brosilow, a 30-year employee of TDS."

Jon's confidence in TDS is robust and he is driven to maximizing accomplishments, identifying limiting factors to efficacy and striving to make improvements. He meets the challenges with ambition, and lives by the philosophy that "life is short, you cannot waste it."

After a lifetime at sea, Jon’s vast pool of experience is a boon to TDS, and he will be part of producing the next generation of naval decking.  He is an invaluable addition to the TDS team, and we welcome him.

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