Collage with salt water pearls by Cheryl O
Pearl Bouquet - by Cheryl O
Acrylic Collage with salt water pearls, glass, fabric - 12" x 16"
On gallery canvas ready to hang
$385.00 + HST

I hope each one of you is keeping well. It is difficult not knowing how long this quarantine will last. My heart goes out to each of you as we are all missing contact with loved ones and friends.

Still, there is good. The earth is healing with so much less pollution. Many people are learning to move at a gentler pace. And we all will treasure our relationships even more once they are fully restored. Take a deep breath - there is much hope for a better time ahead.


The Collage course is almost done - and it's gone well! Here is what I have learned, and my decisions.

Now that I have a much better understanding of what it means to run an art course online, I am seeing major issues with the 10 week Canadian Landscape course. One example; I normally give out coloured references and line work at the start of the class, so online folks with no printer available would be at a disadvantage. Therefore, I have decided that this course is really best run in person rather than online, and so will be postponing it until the fall. Here's what you need to know...

If you have already paid for the Canadian Landscape course and want a full refund, just let me know. But please read the rest of this email before deciding.

As those in the current course know, I was planning to up my course prices in the fall. For fall classes, the 10 week course price will change from the current $261. + HST to $296. + HST.

For those who have already paid, if you choose not to take a refund, in other words, leave your payment with me, you will receive the course for $261. + HST.

The only other exception - if your name is on my list holding a spot for you, you will receive a separate email from me soon on how to arrange payment in order to purchase the fall course for the lesser price, if you want to.


What am I doing instead of the Canadian Landscape course? I have just purchased Teachable as a platform for my next online courses. There are a lot of different course selling sites out there, but one of the things that impressed me about Teachable was, they have a great reputation for tech support for students and making sure the experience of taking a course there is a good one for you. They also are completely compatible with doing classes on your computer or ipad or iphone.

On Teachable's site, they recommend that a new instructor (that would be me) takes a month to learn how it functions before posting my first online course. This is what I hope to do - learn Teachable and then post a 5 or 6 week online art course on a different topic. (Yet to be chosen.) Thank you for your patience as I get this together. Watch your art newsletters for when it is ready to go!


Meanwhile, stay well. And after you have checked in with your friends; put your favourite music on, snuggle up with a lovely book, do some sketching just for fun in your comfy chair, or if feeling more adventurous, start a new painting from one of your own inspiring photos.

And here's a worthwhile link too - thanks for sharing this in your lovely newsletter, Art with Panache.

We are all in this together!
Cheryl O
Acrylic Collage by Cheryl O
Gift of Hope - Acrylic Collage by Cheryl O - sold
Today's Quote:

"If life gives you lemons,
make brownies."

Vonnie Snyder

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