Volume II| December, 2017
El Amanecer -The Sunrise- December, 2017
All the recent "goings on" here at the Spanish American Center in Leominster, Massachusetts!
The Montachusett Chorale supports the Spanish American Center through their Holiday Concert!
Our most sincere thanks to everyone.
Fidelity Bank Volunteers for SAC!
We were happy to have several employees of Fidelity Bank join us by volunteering their assistance at the SAC Community Thanksgiving! Many thanks to Ruby Vargas, Brenda Lockhart-LeBlanc, J.T. Kelley, and Claire Risi.
Call 978-534-3145 for details and to place your orders in time for Christmas!
Due to the critical and ongoing impact of the devastating hurricanes on both Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, refugees from the storm have come to the mainland USA to join families, seek health care and, in many instances, start over. The Spanish American Center is the primary source of emergency help for these families locally.
As such, we have expanded our grant & funding search beyond our traditional sources. This will be an ongoing effort on behalf of these displaced families. Neddy and staff greet each new arrival with a welcoming embrace and with support of the entire agency. We will update our progress in future issues and thank everyone for all of your support this year!