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2023 Holiday Drop-In
Join us on Thursday, December 14, anytime between 11:30AM-1:00PM to celebrate the holiday season with us!
Learn about the impact of our work over the past two years. Your support allows us to continue building homes, communities and hope
Donate from Non-Cash Assets to Help Us Build More
As we’re at work in York County to give people in need a hand-up so they can afford a safe place to live, we recognize that our mission is only made possible through our generous donors. That’s why we’re reminding you to consider making a tax-savvy contribution that may fulfill your own financial goals, all while helping us bring people together to build homes, communities and hope in York County. Our partner, FreeWill, provides our supporters with a secure online tool that they can use to give from their IRA, make a grant from a Donor-Advised Fund, transfer their appreciated assets, or donate cryptocurrency in minutes. Learn more and make your gift today!
At a time when home affordability has reached a crisis point -- locally and nationally -- we need your voice to help us advocate for affordable housing and equitable communities.

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Homeowner Services
Critical Home Repair Program
Our staff recently completed over 40 critical home repair assessments. These assessments provide an opportunity for the Home Repair Team and Homeowner Services Team to review repairs requested by homeowners within York County. The Critical Home Repair Program provides necessary repairs related to structural integrity, health, safety, accessibility and energy efficiency.

Habitat for Humanity of York County works with qualified contractors and volunteers to complete repairs in keeping with local building codes,while utilizing an affordable sliding scale income-based fee structure with homeowners.The repairs serve homeowners who occupy their residences and whose homes are in critical need of repair. The Critical Home Repair Program allows seniors to age-in-place safely in their homes with dignity which in turn helps maintain the character and social fabric of the neighborhoods in which they reside.
Financial Capability Program
We are currently preparing the Financial Capability Workshop schedule for 2024. The schedule will be posted on our website in January.
Volunteer Services
Love in action through volunteers. 
An ordinary chair brought three volunteers working in the ReStore together in an exceptional way. While networking with each other, the three volunteers met a person that had just moved, working a minimum wage position and did not have any pieces of furniture in her apartment. The three volunteers together bought and delivered the ordinary chair to the neighbor in need. This ordinary chair brought together three extra-ordinary volunteers that demonstrated love in action!
Volunteer opportunities open for individuals and groups
We have ongoing volunteer opportunities in new construction, home repair and within our Rock Hill and Lake Wylie ReStores.

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities as an individual or a group, please email
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Wednesday, December 6
Holiday Drop-In
Thursday, December 14;
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