Volunteer Update
December 22, 2020
Dear CRC Volunteer,

The holiday season is filled with many wonderful things. Red festive cups filled with peppermint lattes, twinkle lights and candles in the menorah, cherished family traditions and lots (lots and lots...) of yummy food. However, for some, the holidays can mean loneliness, sad memories, or the harsh realities that life isn’t turning out the way they planned.  

CRC is a beautiful intersection of those things. Volunteers who have plenty give to those who do not. Volunteers who have little in financial resources give their time. Volunteers who remember their own struggles bring empathy to their CRC shifts. Like a parent who has no favorite child, every volunteer is my favorite. You are each unique and bring that unique background and giftedness to this organization.  

In December, the Volunteer Program, along with staff and donors, bridge the holiday gaps and provide food, fun and a sense of family to many. This newsletter highlights just some of those in snapshots and stories. Thank you!


Sara Rosenbaum,
CRC Volunteer Manager
Holiday Baskets Volunteer Spotlight
Holiday Baskets offered HOPE and a little FUN to hundreds of families on Saturday, December 5

Thank you to the more than 100 volunteers who came out to make our reimagined Holiday Baskets Drive-Through a success! Thanks to you, hundreds of families received food, blankets, infant items, senior bags, and family boxes. Amazing!  
Starbucks coffee provided the fuel to keep volunteers going! 
The Holiday Volunteer Food Team, led by Captain Carol Johnson, Wendy Rees and Anastacia Grenda ready to serve (Left to Right)!
NCL Surf Cities collected items, filled and wrapped boxes, and then came out to distribute more than 100 infant boxes this year! 
Story Spotlight: Chris Shaffer

Chris Shaffer is an employee for the CRC Resale Stores and has been playing Santa every year since he was 16 years old! When he was a teen, he found out that some neighbors didn’t have money for gifts. He asked his dad if it was okay for him to play “Santa” for that family. Since that time, he has found a way to play the part – including at the annual CRC Holiday Baskets event! We are so thrilled he was able to join us again this year, mask and all! 
Story Spotlight: CRC Board Member Lindsey Brubaker

"My husband, Andy, and I decided to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary a bit differently this year. Typically, we would find a babysitter and go out to a fancy dinner. This year, we wanted to reflect on the many blessings we received this year and help others who are haven’t seen as much luck. We decided to celebrate by putting ourselves to work at this year’s CRC Holiday Basket drive-thru event. This would be the fourth year that I’ve volunteered, but it would be the first time for Andy. The night before the event, he mentioned how excited he was to see this event in action and give back to the community he loved so much. We both had an incredible time working with our new pals, Keith and David, at the food box station. We got to wave to the kiddos in the car and pack trunks full of nutritious food. This was by far and away the best anniversary we’ve had."
Story Spotlight: Aneesh Singhal

Aneesh Singhal and his mom Usha have volunteered in the Holiday Baskets food box area for many years. Aneesh brought his new wife, Soe, to the food distribution for the first time! Congratulations on your 2020 marriage and welcome to the CRC Volunteer family, Soe! 
Holiday Baskets: Behind the Scenes
A lot goes on behind the scenes to prepare for Holiday Baskets! I cannot name each person who plays a part, but here are a few we would like to thank:
Sheri Seipel-Burtt

There is one name in particular all Holiday Baskets volunteers should recognize! We are particularly grateful for Sheri Seipel-Burtt, our scheduling captain. Thank you Sheri for the hours and hours each week you put into communicating, collecting forms, and scheduling Holiday Baskets Volunteers! You are a rock star. 
Kelly Harrington and volunteers

Holiday Baskets captain Kelly Harrington and volunteers packed 200 “Senior Bags” filled with necessities and some fun extras for seniors (65 and older) who are part of CRC partner groups. Here they are ready to brighten the day of 200 people!
Donations Receipt Captains: Karen Koblentz and Sherry Proctor-Oonk

A shout-out to Karen Koblentz and Sherry Proctor-Oonk, who managed the Whole Foods Warehouse donation drop offs. Per Kym Sheerman, Holiday Baskets Project Manager:

"For some time now, Karen has been known as 'The Hipster,' not because she is so “hip” (although she is), but because she is always at the ready to receive a call from her hip pocket phone to serve, volunteer, pick up, drop off and do so many things that help out our community in ways you wouldn’t ever think.

Sherry is a volunteer you can count on last minute and give extra when asked. She has a warm, relaxed and quiet demeanor but is a work horse with deliberate, steady perception. I have loved working with her!"
Coldwell Banker CanTree Drive Food Sorting Day

Two family teams came out to the Encinitas Stater Brothers to sort food donated through the Coldwell Banker CanTree Food Drive. There was so much food donated that the volunteers ran out of crates to sort into! All food goes to our Food Pantry to provide for our many participant families. Thank you! 
Volunteer of the Month
Congratulations to the CRC Volunteer of the Month, Pat Moore! 

Pat is a Board Member, a donor, active on multiple event committees, and a dedicated advocate for our mission. Pat was nominated by Holiday Baskets Project Manager Kym Sheerman for her tireless work overseeing donations for our 2020 HB Distribution, and we couldn’t agree more! If you donated to Holiday Baskets, you most likely came in contact with Pat. Kym shares:

"The Holiday Basket Program in itself would not be the same without her. Pat has introduced a larger-than-life program by procuring more gifts, encouraged and inspired more donations/drives and herself sponsoring and financing a large component of the program. Pat has achieved this small honor through many years of service and a humanitarian heart."

Thank you Pat! 
Happy Holidays!
CRC is currently only emailing recently active volunteers with any volunteer needs. Due to COVID health restrictions as well as the Holiday Season, we are not processing new applications at this time until January 15. Thank you to all our amazing volunteers who continue to keep our programs running despite the ever-changing climate. We are grateful. Happy Holidays!
If you know of anyone in need of food, housing or shelter, please pass along this link to information on how we can help: CRCNCC.ORG/COVID-19
If you have a good story of volunteering, please share with me at srosenbaum@crcncc.org. I can include those stories in future newsletters as an encouragement to our team.  
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