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The Strength & Fitness Newsletter is meant to inspire you, the practitioner, to stay active and fit with a plan throughout your entire life. There is a greater chance that when you take care of your health, with a specific exercise plan, you the practitioner will have a larger percentage of patients that come for care from the pro-active, fitness community in your area. 

The end of the year is not just for evaluating taxes; it should be a time of year to reflect and evaluate your own health and fitness. Either you will congratulate yourself on last year's successes or recommit yourself to what type of example you want to be for yourself, your clinic, and commit your health and quality of life to your spouse. Either way, you benefit greatly. But any reason requires focus and a consistent commitment of knowledge; not by chance. I always enjoy sharing other's passion and successes to our readers and this month congratulations to John Sullivan D.C., Jennette Rerucha and Ken Kinakin D.C.

Dr. Jerome

Congratulations John Sullivan, D.C.
In a recent issue we introduced you to John Sullivan D.C. At the time, he was training for the Russian KettleBell test called "Strong First, Kettlebell Level 2". That goal was recently achieved. This accomplishment was after he was hit by a car, during the same year, that broke both his legs. No excuses by this Marine, just commitment and results. He is the oldest contestant in the world to pass this test.  Congratulations Dr Sullivan !!!! You are an inspiration. 

Nearly 80% of the competitors will fail the test the first time (broken legs and age not included). And all of those (who failed) are in great shape to say the least. So when you pass this test, it is an incredible achievement of flexibility, strength, endurance and symmetry throughout the entire spine and muscles. Any weak link in the body or mind will be exposed. When I called him to congratulate him in person, he was already creating his three-year workout and planning his training for his re-certification. That is what real strength and fitness is all about: a lifestyle. 

Dr John reminds everybody "age is inevitable / getting old is optional".
Congratulations Jennette Rerucha
Jennette Rerucha is my wife (best friend, training partner, etc.). She is a fitness trainer, works motivating clients in my clinic and community and is an inspiration to those around her due to her healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. 

Previously I would describe her fitness status as she can outrun most lifters and out-lift any runner. Combine that with impressive flexibility and unbelievably healthy x-rays. None of this is by accident but due to her consistency of training. She is well rounded in fitness (and in life) with many options to choose if she decided to compete in a strength or conditioning sport because she has a very good foundation. 

Jennette has always exercised but never had formal instruction or has never competed in anything her entire life. Competing is not her comfort level or personality. Less than four months ago she discussed wanting to compete and to do her first powerlifting meet. She grew a lot in the knowledge of training, knowledge of herself and met a lot of great people (who also competed) during this time. She competed twice in four months. She finished 3rd at state by adding 100 pounds on her powerlifting total, added more muscle on her fit physique and grew as a person and a professional. She is 15 lbs away from the state record squat and shattered her previous life comfort zone. This next year she plans on competing in Olympic Lifting and CrossFit as well as enhancing her powerlifting total and achievements. Congratulations Jennette on being awesome(er) and continued inspiration to those around you. 

There were 300 men and women competing at the Georgia State Powerlifting meet. Georgia is a state with a lot of depth and tradition of strong lifters that are very successful at the national and world level. There are great people and lifters in every division and weight class. The people you get to know in strength sports is part of the prize for competing. The lady who won the Masters division in each meet my wife competed in was 61 years old. Thank you, Marlene, for being a great person and an inspiration of whoop-ass. 
Ken Kinakin D.C.

Congratulations to Ken Kinakin D.C. for putting on an epic chiropractic and strength symposium November 13, 14 of 2015. There were 650 attendees. Approximately one hundred chiropractors and five hundred fifty strength and fitness experts attended. This ratio of attendees is a great example for chiropractors to realize that the strength and fitness industry is much bigger than the chiropractic profession but that chiropractors have an incredible amount of skill and information to help these people achieve their performance goals. Everybody left smarter and inspired. 

Dr. Ken's dedication to effecting people's health through his passion for exercise and chiropractic through education is the best I have met in my 15 years. He is an amazing quality person, and I am also in awe of his ability to make his dreams happen. 

I have spoken at and attended all three of the S.W.I.S. events put on by Dr. Kinakin.  Being asked to speak at this event is one of my most privileged achievements of my career. Sharing the stage with great chiropractors such as Dr. Ken Kinakin, Dr. David Leaf, Dr. Peter Jaillet, Dr. Dale Buchberger and Dr. Rob Rakowski, who all are at the top of the profession. There were many strength legends that spoke who inspired me when I was just beginning my lifting career. All of those attending are at the top of the food chain in dedication and accomplishments. 
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