Volume 1 | December 2017
December News and Updates
Satellite Industry Provides Disaster Relief
The satellite industry has been instrumental in providing critical communication services to communities impacted by natural disaster. Satellite delivered television and high speed internet technology is uniquely suited to support these efforts as it can be quickly deployed and does not require significant infrastructure to operate. SBCA members DISH, Hughes Net and ViaSat, are able to provide the communities with essential services in their time of need.

Since August 29 th we have installed 18 satellite internet terminals throughout the areas of Texas that were damaged by the devastating floods. There are 5 current deployments in Florida assisting with hurricane relief. Additionally there are currently 25 systems that are active throughout Puerto Rico which are providing critical internet communications to the island. Efforts are underway to deploy additional systems to impacted communities.

These satellite systems are deployed at a variety of locations including survivor shelters, medical facilities, public safety, and relief centers along with emergency operation facilities. In many cases satellite service will be provided to these locations for months or even years until the recovery effort is completed.

The SBCA Foundation helps support these efforts. In addition we will be identifying some opportunities to provide donation to local communities to assist in their recovery efforts. 

SBCA Leadership Lunch
SBCA will be hosting its annual Leadership Lunch on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 in Las Vegas. This years panelists will include executives from DIRECTV and DISH who will discuss opportunities and challenges for retailers in this changing marketplace. This proceeds from this event benefit the Satellite CARES program which support our disaster relief efforts. Click here Leadership Lunch  to register.
New Retailer Locator on SBCA Website
SBCA has recently updated the retailer locator on our website. We will now list the satellite services SBCA members sell including whether you sell residential, commercial and or MDU. Preferred retailers will receive a more prominent and larger listing. This will help make it easier for consumers to find your.