December 2023 Newsletter

The Alliance exists to encourage human flourishing by promoting a more complete truth, informed by Judeo-Christian values and natural law, about the science of sexual orientation and biological sex through education, advocacy, clinical training, and therapy.


…from the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity! Your relationship to us, as Community Partners and Clinical Partners is so appreciated… we are joined with you in a special way because all of you are essential to move this mission forward…

The Alliance exists to encourage human flourishing by promoting a more complete truth, informed by Judeo-Christian values and natural law, about the science of sexual orientation and biological sex through education, advocacy, clinical training, and therapy.

The Christmas infant King’s arrival in a humble Middle East stable is a historical, factual, mysterious, gracious, beautiful event. The over 2.000-year-old tradition, celebrates the new start in the fulfillment of the long promised new start for all the universe…

  • Divinely Created first in a perfect paradise.
  • A paradise tragically fallen due to defiant human choice.
  • Arising through the Christmas event, are relationships, sacrificially redeemed.
  • All this ends in a future complete restoration of the original Creator’s project.

In this mysterious, larger than life, unstoppable epic, together we team with the Godman, the Christ Child to rebuild and redeem the connections, human and divine for which humans were originally designed!  Thank you for joining us! Please do consider supporting the Alliance’s ‘corner’ in the great Christmas Redemption!


Andy Visser, President, The Alliance Board


The Alliance has operated on a minimal budget, often raising $55,000 - $70,000 annually. For 2024 we will be bold to move our budget up to nearly $200,000! Christ, the baby at Christmas, is master of all the resources of the universe! As we serve Him, we pray that our requests may comply with His perfect will! Why such a bold move for next year? Following are some primary healing opportunities knocking on the Alliance’ doors:

  • The Alliance owns many electronically recorded lectures and classes designed as continuing education for clinical partners, counselors, teachers and pastors. Eventually this, and some of the following efforts must be available on the web & will be monetized for financial return to the Alliance.
  1. 8 classes (12 credit hours) will be available for continuing ed credit just from our recently completed Las Vegas Institute. (setup & editing: 8 x $350= $2,800)
  2. There are about 30 more electronic classes in our library, 20+ of which can still be offered for current professional continuing education.  (set-up & editing 30 x $220=$6,600)
  • The Alliance Research Division, which produces our annual Journal of Human Sexuality is the only such professional journal world-wide today. Dr. Rosik, division chair and the division advisory team review transgender and sexual attraction studies for empirical integrity and solid logical process.
  1. This information is critical for use by professionals (attorneys & clinicians) and community partners to testify at school boards locally, and in state and national legislative and judicial venues. (Journal $8,000)
  2. Dr. Rosik’s advisory group (and all but a very small portion of his time) is volunteer at this point. The work requires a budget to meet the demand.  (further research, review and administration: $40,000 )
  • The Alliance Clinical division headed up by Counselor/Board Treasurer, Robert Vazzo supervises referrals to a network of counselors which will respect a client’s wishes for modifying their current same-sex attractions. Vazzo conducts a Zoom clinical  discussion/case review group each month. Clinician Vazzo, along with Board member Michael Gasparro, are recruiting more and more counselors and clinical students to be certified in SAFE-T (Sexual Attraction Fluidity Exploration & Therapy.)  These demands are growing and must move beyond volunteer status. ($150 x 40 recruits = $6,000  -clinical review facilitation $6,000, total $12,000)
  • The Alliance Medical Division serves caring medical professionals who joined ATCSI because they are concerned that their patients, particularly their early adolescent and teen patients, may not fully appreciate the health risks associated with indiscriminate or promiscuous sexual behavior. Board Secretary, Dr. Keith Vennum heads this division which also experiences greatly increased demand from two directions.
  1. Same-sex sexual behavior has some distinct risks that deserve special consideration and a much greater emphasis in our efforts to educate all citizens.  ($4,000)
  2. The transgender juvenile mutilation craze has no moral nor valid medical research affirmation. The field is crying for scientifically and morally solid support to counter these dreadful threats to our youth and parents.  ($20,000)
  • The Alliance Ethics Family and Faith Division, chaired by Andy Visser has developed a community partner focused seminar titled The Right to TRUTH! Ethics, Love and Hospitality in a Sexually Confused Culture. The following one-day seminars for family, friends and faith communities are  being planned & developed:  NW Iowa/SW Minnesota (February 2024,) Rapid City, South Dakota (March 2024,) Twin Falls/Boise Idaho (August 2024), Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN (September 2024) ($4,500 per seminar,  $18,000 total)
  • Operation Management and contracted operations management: $75,000

Total fundraising goal for 2024: $186,400


Dr. Michael Davidson sits on the Alliance Board, resides in Ireland and is the chairman of The International Foundation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice. This multinational European group identifies it’s role as “Equipping, Empowering, Promoting, Advocating: Therapeutic Choice and Pastoral Care – Internationally …within the Judeo-Christian context.”

Dr. Davidson has summarized the world-wide role of our Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity as follows: 

“The Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity has consistently been the pre-eminent provider of scientific and research-based information  for change-allowing therapy. Its membership, board and executive officers reflect high levels of professional expertise and collective experience befitting such an organization, which has benefited individuals, multiple providers, and organizations around the world.”

Have you been helped by the Alliance? Let us know! We’d like to share your story in our next newsletter.

Andy Visser

President, The Alliance

Daren Mehl

Operations Manager, The Alliance

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