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As our podcast, AMSEcast, continues to grow, I am very pleased that I have been able to interview several directors of our national laboratories.  My discussion with Dr. Thomas Zacharia, the Director of our terrific partner, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, was followed by interviews with Dr. Thom Mason, Director of Los Alamos National Lab; Dr. Kim Budil, Director of the Lawrence Livermore National Lab; and Dr. John Wagner, Director of the Idaho National Lab.  The Zacharia and Mason interviews are available now, and those of Budil and Wagner will be posted soon.  I also have scheduled an interview next spring with Dr. Paul Kearns, Director of the Argonne National Lab, and I hope at some point to talk with all Lab directors.  I am always amazed at the depth and breadth of work being done at the Labs.

The scope of their work is a bit daunting, to be honest, as I prepare for these conversations, but I have found these directors to be excellent ambassadors for their institutions.  They outline, in ways we all can understand, the vital missions and world-changing projects being undertaken in these facilities around the nation.  We are indeed fortunate to have them as part of our national life – their contributions to our knowledge, our prosperity, and our security are truly immense.

AMSE and K-25 History Center Director: Alan Lowe



The DOE Public Bus Tour has closed for the season. Please visit again soon to learn more about next season’s tour schedule. There are some exciting prospects on the horizon. More coming soon!  

Closed for the season


Join AMSE on Dec 10th on Oak Ridge Turnpike for the Oak Ridge Rocking Around the Christmas Tree Parade! We are confident you will recognize our out-of-this-world Christmas costumes ;0) 

The AMSE Foundation also participated in Children’s Hospital’s Fantasy of Trees! Our little Solar System tree was made with science in mind and aspirations of space travel. 


Quinn Argall is working on an exhibit featuring a large-scale interpretation of the James Webb Space Telescope. To complement this installation are interactive components which include Sounds of the Universe and the new Scents of Space. Which means, yes, you'll have a chance to take a big ‘ol whiff of the inky expanse beyond our atmosphere.  Coinciding with the opening of these exhibits we will receive a temporary kiosk, awarded to us by NASA, that will allow visitors to use images from the JWST to discover how scientists use data to unravel mysteries beyond our humble planet. January will be a big month for learning about the stars. 


AMSEF’s first annual Art Contest is open and ready for participants and applicants! Check out the link or more information


All entries should be directed to the attention of Cindy Lemons and must be submitted by February 1, 2023, along with the entry form. Email Cindy for additional information at clemons@amse.org Submissions must be brought or sent to the American Museum of Science and Energy at 115 Main Street East, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830. 


Woodland STEM Video

AMSEF Educators participated in Woodland Elementary Schools November STEM night. The event engaged over 500 kids. If you have never been to a STEM event the fine folks at Woodland Elementary School created this quick link to show off their evening which was an event to be proud of. 

In the spirit of adaptability, our virtual classes can also be in-person. As the year ends, AMSEF Educators have been busy fulfilling the opportunities presented to us as part of a grant. Young minds throughout the region continue to benefit from our partnerships!  

Thank you to everyone who has supported or received one of our ORNL grant funded virtual classes. Last year we received a federal grant allowing us to take our three virtual classes into Oak Ridge and various Title 1 schools throughout the region. We are nearly at the end of our sixty-four classroom and several hundred kids virtual program commitment. Our most popular classes are Solid, Liquid & Gas and Bee Pollination classes. 

Super huge thanks to Oak Ridge National Laboratory for recognizing and supporting the efforts of the AMSE Foundation and our tremendous educators and technical team.


We are excited to introduce the STEM of History!  

The STEM of History (SOH) is a podcast produced by the American Museum of Science and Energy Foundation (AMSEF) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee with funding support from Humanities Tennessee.

This series examines the intersection of science with history. It focuses on tracing how scientific inquiry is interpreted in the historical record, and in turn, the impact of historical analysis to informing scientific inquiry. 

This fascinating glimpse into how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) has been present throughout history shows no great feat has ever been accomplished without the aid of these four key elements. Listen to an amazing list of guests and contributors in original interviews “talk shop” about how the world goes round and attempts to improve itself with every spin. 

Visit our Website


It's never too early to think about the upcoming gift giving season.

When you are travelling from place to place delivering or receiving loot there has got to be an easy way to schlep these things around. So, what’s the holiday’s perfect gift?  

A tote bag, of course.  Check out these three totes for practical gifts all year round. 



New AMSEcast episodes premiere this month. Click below to listen before the episodes are released to the public.

Dec 12, 2022

Dec 26, 2022

There's a lot to learn in this world and AMSEcast is a feast for the curious.

Race to Space

Join the American Museum of Science and Energy's exciting virtual "Race to Space" and receive a custom t-shirt. This race encourages everyone to walk or run to the International Space Station virtually. As participants log and report distances to AMSE, we will send out fun 3D printed medals at each atmospheric milestone. The race is completed at the participant’s pace.

Did you know you could walk Oak Ridge’s North Boundary Greenway once

(about 12.7 miles) to earn your Troposphere medal (reach 10 miles)? Explore

an older part of Oak Ridge and stop by AMSE’s sister Museum, the K-25

History Center just down the road. Or explore the Ijams Nature Center and

walk the Gravel Rd, Hayworth Hollow, and Imerys Trails to be on your way to

earning your Troposphere medal.

We encourage folks to get to know our Race to Space sponsor,GEM Technologies, Inc., and visit our Race to Space partners, the Oak Ridge Recreation and Parks Department and the Ijams Nature Center.

Race to Space Registration

Online Book Club

December 22:


We recently recorded an interview with Emily Anthes for AMSEcast. 

SPONSORED BY AMSE is very proud to have Terra Integras, LLC. as a sponsor for AMSE’s Online Book Club! We sincerely appreciate their support, and we hope that all of you join the book club and check out the amazing things going on at Terra Integras. 

AMSE is proud to partner with the Oak Ridge Public Library, Clinton Public Library, University of Tennessee, Knoxville Libraries, and the Manhattan Project National Historical Park for our online Book Club.

We encourage our Book Club members to visit AMSE’s online “The Discovery Shop” to buy this month’s book or borrow a copy from our Oak Ridge Public Library or Clinton Public Library partners.  

Need a few classic tracks from the birth of the Manhattan Project, click here!


Why? Seriously, being a member of

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Created in the midst of the pandemic

and supported by initial funding from

our partners at ORNL, our virtual,

hands-on classes have been recognized by the Tennessee Association of Museums with a Certificate of Excellence. Since we began offering these innovative classes, nearly 700 students have taken part. Our original topics are States of Matter, Electricity, Bees and Pollination. The newly established 117 Society allows each member to donate one of the original, virtual hands-on Periodic Table classes we are creating to a school of the member’s choice,

free of charge. There will be a Periodic

Table class for middle school students, and another appropriate for high school students. These classes will be available starting in the fall of 2022. 

Please consider a gift to the American Museum of Science and Energy Foundation (AMSEF), a 501(c)(3) organization. Last year was a big year for AMSEF – we proudly operate both the American Museum of Science and Energy and the K-25 History Center. We need your help to ensure the success of both those wonderful institutions and to help us accomplish our vital mission of STEAM education. 

There are many ways to give – please consider a one-time gift, an individual or family membership, or becoming part of our new 117 Society.  Or you can always send your gifts to 115 Main St. East, Oak Ridge, TN 37830. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you often in 2022 at AMSE and the K-25 History Center. 

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We are always looking for new volunteers, both for service at AMSE and the K-25 History Center, and for the DOE Bus Tours. For the latter, if you think you would be the perfect fit for this unique, historic tour, please reach out to us. When we have confirmed the start date of the tours, we will designate dates for the Bus Tour Training, which is a requirement for our Tour Guides and Assistant Tour Guides.  Please consider volunteering at one of our museums – you can find more information here

We are always looking for eligible volunteers for AMSE/K-25 History Center as well as the DOE Public Bus Tours, if you are interested please contact Matt Mullins at mmullins@amse.org.

Interested in Volunteering

Norm Dobbs takes a group through the X-10 Graphite Reactor (L) and the K-25 History Center (above).


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