LMS Newsletter | December 2021
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Concern over COVID-19 has resulted in the introduction of protocols at marketing facilities with efforts to ensure customer and staff safety. The Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan is monitoring the situation closely and individual members are responsible for their own protocols. We encourage cattlemen to contact members directly for service-related details.
Message from the President
On behalf of the LMS executives, I would like to commend the membership and industry partners for their continued professionalism and leadership during times of widespread drought, wildfires, world-wide unrest, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

With pandemic restrictions altering meetings and gatherings, the executives and board of directors have worked behind the scenes in round table discussions and conference calls with Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Livestock Services of Saskatchewan, Livestock Marketers Association of Canada and the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association. Topics have included drought relief, transportation, traceability brand, brand inspection, safety protocols, animal welfare, and CFIA requirements.

I would like to welcome the new members, associate members, and sponsors. Your support and valued input are very much appreciated and will prove beneficial in future discussions and decisions made involving our industry.


Brent Brooks
Update from the LMS Office
Off the hop, I tip my hat to members of the livestock industry for their ability to adapt to the challenges posed by a pandemic that has lasted longer than most would have predicted. While it has been 20 months of uncertainties, we are still here, still doing business, and still working on initiatives to advance our industry.

The LMS board and management met in September for a full day of strategic planning. Participants expressed a strong desire to grow LMS membership and have been reaching out to beef marketing stakeholders in effort to increase knowledge of and membership in the organization. If you are a new member, associate member, or sponsor, we welcome you, thank you for joining LMS, and encourage you to contact the office or board of directors should you have any questions about our mandate and initiatives.

On behalf of LMS and our members, President Brent Brooks and I continue to participate in scheduled calls with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture regarding COVID-19 challenges in the provincial livestock industry and endeavour to share relevant information. We are also part of a very recent ‘round table’ initiative led by Agriculture and Agri-food Canada pertaining to the devastating flood situation in BC’S Lower Mainland as it relates to livestock and poultry producers.

Based on the positive reception to Jordan Levi’s webinar last January, we have scheduled another market forecasting webinar for January 25th, 2022. We are looking forward to hearing from Travis Hickey of Cattlenomics. Currently based in Colorado, Travis attended University of Lethbridge and began his career in Alberta so he has perspective based on experiences on both sides of the border. Hickey’s presentation will be held via Zoom and is free to all participants. Please encourage your peers, staff and customers to consider signing on.

The LMS Annual General Meeting (members only) will be held on January 19th via Zoom. Next year will be our 50th year as an association and we look forward to charting a course for the year to come.


Adele Buettner
Executive Director

Wednesday, January 19th, 2022 @ 10:00 a.m.
This year's AGM will be held via Zoom.
The link will be sent to members in early January.
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webinar featuring Travis Hickey with Cattlenomics
Tuesday, January 25th, 2022 @ 10:00 a.m.

Travis Hickey will present his marketing projections for the U.S. and potential impact on the Canadian beef marketing industry.

Travis has extensive ranching, cattle feeding, data analysis, and trading experience. He managed feeder cattle procurement, fed cattle marketing, and cattle risk management for a feedlot in Alberta. Travis assisted with the management of a large feed-yard near Dalhart, Texas under JBS-Five Rivers Cattle Feeding and worked his way up to the position as head of cattle trading at JBS-Swift in Colorado. 

Travis started the commodity brokerage, Cattlenomics, in December 2019.
BCRC Webinar Series 2021/2022

BCRC webinars are available and free of charge thanks to guest speakers who volunteer their time and expertise to support advancements in the Canadian beef industry, and through the Knowledge Dissemination and Technology Transfer project funded by the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off and Canada’s Beef Science Cluster.

Setting Records - Calving Season Data Collection
January 12, 2022, 7:00 PM MT
Speakers: TBA

Calving is one of the busiest times of the production cycle for cow-calf producers. There’s a ton of information that can be collected at the time a calf is born, but which of this information is the most valuable for future decision making? This webinar will discuss the records that are worth spending valuable time on at calving.

Grazing Game Plan - How to Develop a Grazing Plan
February 9, 2022, 7:00 PM MT

Speakers: Jeremy Brown, Ducks Unlimited Canada and Producer, TBA
A grazing plan that matches animal numbers to predicted forage yields should be carried out before animal turnout. An important first step in developing a plan includes defining goals and objectives for the entire grazing operation. This webinar will cover the basics of developing a grazing plan.

Don't Roll the Dice with Johne's Disease - Use our new Johne's Risk-Reward Calculator
March 16, 2022, 7:00 PM MT

Speakers: Dr. Cheryl Waldner, Western College of Veterinary Medicine and Producer, TBA
Johne's testing is a significant investment of time and money, and testing options are limited to testing individual animals. This webinar will review this new tool for producers and veterinarians.
The National VBP+ organization has created some guidelines and wording to help producers maket VBP+ cattle, as well as some cards to complete and attach to the manifests.

The goal is for auction marts to know they are VBP+ certified cattle and able to market them as such when they are going through the ring. The button below is a link to the VBP+ information and forms.
Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan is a member of the Livestock Markets Association of Canada, whose mission is to be the united voice to the federal and provincial governments on issues affecting auction markets in Canada.

The LMAC website offers information on the following topics which can be accessed by clicking on the buttons below.

Livestock Handling Manual

Livestock Handling Practices for Marketing Centre Staff Manual & DVD
$110 (+GST & Shipping)

LMS developed a training manual, Livestock Handling Practices for Marketing Center Staff, and corresponding DVD which is thought to be the only one of its kind in Canada. These tools are used to educate livestock handlers on appropriate animal handling techniques in an auction market setting, enhancing both animal and handler safety.

To learn more visit our website
Canadian Cattlemen's Assoc. Cattle Transport Record
The CFIA / Industry Working Group has developed a sample record keeping form which covers new record keeping components under the humane transport regulations.
The Canadian Cattlemen's Association asks that you distribute the form as needed. If there are any questions or comments (including beneficial formatting changes) please contact:

Brady Stadnicki
Manager, Policy and Programs
Canadian Cattlemen’s Association
Mobile: (613) 806-2021
Twitter: @B_Stadnicki