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From Ann Vaughn, President

As a new community last year Impact100 DC pooled and donated $105,000 in grant money. We did that together, as a community - as an ensemble. As I've said before, the concept of ensemble is a truly powerful one. I witnessed it as a choral director of young children whose voices were so much more stronger combined with others, and I am experiencing it as the president of a new and growing organization. There is such potential in this wonderfully diverse ensemble of women - to act together, to learn together, to contribute to the betterment of our area together.

So it's with urgency and conviction that I make this plea: December 31st is the last day to become a member for the 2022 grant cycle. Please renew! Please join! Go to now to help us reach new heights of giving.

See our invitation below for an exciting zoom event on December 6th at 5:00 PM featuring seven women leaders of national nonprofits, who will echo our words. Our community's support for efforts to effect change and address unmet needs is critical.

Seven National Nonprofit leaders discuss the landscape for national and community nonprofit organizations

December 6th at 5:00 PM on Zoom
Meet innovative and inspiring women leaders making an impact on the national stage through nonprofits!

Join us for a virtual panel discussion, moderated by Impact100 DC Board Member Jenny Backus, with these seven incredible women: Karma CottmanSally GreenbergCarol JenkinsAmy KurtzEmily Schell, Deborah Vagins, and Claudia Withers.

Click HERE for the invitation and more information. Or go straight HERE for the registration page. Bring your friends and anyone interested in leadership, nonprofits, and scaling impact.
Our Ben's Chili Bowl event might be the start of a new tradition...
Leaders Ann Vaughn and Carol Mumin preparing
Members Susan O'Neill and Amy
Vida Ali speaking about Ben's

Impact100 DC members and guests mingled over a fabulous lunch at Ben’s Chili Bowl on November 11th, raving over the famous half smokes and banana pudding among other delicious offerings.

Guests learned about Impact100 DC from Ann Vaughn and Carole Mumin. Members of the Ali family were on hand to greet the group, and Vida Ali provided a fascinating portrait of the historic Ben’s Chili Bowl, past and present. All agreed this should be a yearly Impact100 DC event!
Membership Portal and Directory

If you would like your name to be in the first edition of the directory you must complete this form by December 31st. The content in our member portal will be in large part directed by member suggestions. We will be looking to you for ways to make it as useful as possible.
Impact100 DC FELLOWSHIP Program
Impact100 DC has several one-year fellowships available for the 2022 season. Our fellowship program is supported by members and friends of Impact100 DC. It is meant to: provide a path to membership for those who wish to be actively involved in Impact100 DC but currently lack the resources to join; and to add to the diversity of voices and perspectives in the Impact100 DC community.

For this coming year we are also prioritizing applicants who have the interest in and experience with communications and/or events. Access the application form HERE. If you know of someone who might be interested and meets the eligibility guidelines please spread the word and let us know. Application deadline is December 20th.
Do you have a corporate sponsor in mind?
As we aim to double the number of grants we are able to provide and garner sufficient support for operations and programs, we hope many of you will be willing to help us identify contacts at corporations small and large throughout the DMV for whom our mission and vision might resonate. The best way to secure these donations is with a personal contact at the organization. We are hoping to make connections at places like Compass Realty, Sandy Spring Builders, Key Wealth Managers, Shulman Rogers -- or your dentist, doctor, attorney or financial advisor!

Do you have a contact at a large corporation? Geico? Others? We would be delighted to make it easy for you to reach out and to solicit support, or do so ourselves if making the ask isn't your cup of tea.

Please contact Fiona Gathright at for more information, and THANK YOU for your support as we work hard to double our impact.
December Member Profile
Joan de Pontet speaks with
Dorothy Hsaio, MD
In 1962, the Washington Post featured a story about new citizens. Among them were Dorothy Hsiao and her siblings who had arrived in the United States from China in 1947 with their mother to join their father, a diplomat. The revolution of 1948 in China precluded their return. Dorothy notes it is one of the early good fortunes which make her feel blessed.  

In 1982, the Washington Post again featured Dorothy---this time as Dr. Hsiao, neonatologist specializing in the care of sick and premature newborns who helped in reducing infant mortality in Ward 8 through Greater Southeast Hospital’s aggressive and successful program offering advanced training for medical staff, sophisticated equipment and pre and post-natal care. When Dorothy attended medical school at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, there were only 15 women in her class out of 128. She graduated cum laude and went on to specialize in pediatrics because of a special bond with children. Dorothy completed her residency in Pediatrics and a Fellowship in Neonatology at Children’s National Medical Center.

It has been five years since Dorothy retired as Director of Nurseries at Washington Adventist Hospital, getting a blissful break from night and weekend coverage, respirators and the stress of patient care and hospital administration. Dorothy’s high energy is still at work. She is a master gardener, bridge player, practitioner of Tai Chi with fan and sword, member of a knitting group and book club as well as a healthcare “advocate and navigator” for family and friends. She is blessed with a husband, three sons—two radiologists and one sports medicine doctor--, six grandchildren, and a large extended family.

Dorothy’s membership in Impact100 DC came through her long friendship with Ann Vaughn: their children went to Wood Acres, Pyle and Whitman together with a great group of kids and mothers. As a people person who loves having meaningful connections and conversations, Dorothy marveled at Ann’s ability to pull together such a diverse and committed group. Last year, Dorothy volunteered to serve on the Education Focus Area Committee and was struck by the challenge of choosing the most “impactful” grant among the different categories. She looks forward to working with others to refine the grant selection process. Impact100 DC, she stressed, was a valuable learning experience, offering the opportunity to meet with a diverse group of women with new perspectives and experiences in community service.
Impact 100 DC will hold an online workshop for nonprofit organizations interested in learning more about our 2022 grant application and process on Monday, December 13th from 5 to 6 PMThe grant application will open for online submissions on Friday, January 7th, 2022 and close on February 10th. Register HERE. For more information, please contact our Nonprofit Liaison:  
Deepen Your Connection to our 2021 Finalists
We are delighted to pass on this message from Generation Hope, one of our finalists in the 2021 grant cycle.

Will you make a year-end donation to support Generation Hope today? Their goal is to raise $75,000 by the end of the year, and all gifts will be matched up to $25,000 thanks to generous donors. Your support will help Generation Hope take on big goals in 2022, including:

- Supporting their largest class of Scholars in Generation Hope’s history 
- Increasing the number of families in their early childhood program, Next Generation Academy, and expanding their curriculum to support children into their early elementary years
- Working with two cohorts of higher education institutions through their technical assistance program, FamilyU, helping them create deep institutional change that results in improved student parent outcomes
- Implementing their first-ever policy and advocacy agenda to address the systemic barriers facing student parents, with a focus on (1) higher education, (2) economic mobility, and (3) quality childcare.

Hear more from Generation Hope Scholars about why your support can make a difference:

“Last year, my daughter and I experienced a period of homelessness due to domestic violence. Generation Hope provided so much support. Now I have my own place, my daughter is enrolled in an amazing daycare center, and I will graduate in December from Bowie State University. I am truly grateful for the financial and emotional support I received from Generation Hope.” - Scholar Nakwari

"Generation Hope is a gift to student parents. Their wraparound services and continuous innovations to improve access to education for young parents are life-changing. Seeing student parents like myself overcome adversities, balance work-life schedules, and achieve economic growth encourages me to push through trying times.” - Scholar Bryony
Volunteer Needs
We need leaders in the areas of governance and communications, and Focus Area Committee leadership.

We are looking for volunteers in almost every area, and especially in event planning.

Check out our website & follow us on Twitter and Linkedin and Facebook.

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