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GALA was organized to promote the arts as an essential component of a healthy community. We believe that artistic expression is a community's greatest legacy for future generations. GALA will increase awareness and appreciation of the arts by way of exhibits, instruction, theater productions, musical programs and provision of scholarships to students in local schools.
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a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

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Dana Armstrong

Massachusetts Cultural Council
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President's Note

Hello Friends,

I can't believe it's December! The year 2018 is almost over and it will soon be 2019. Looking back at what GALA has accomplished this year is astonishing! We finished our renovations and opened the gallery and have had a few successful shows. We have accomplished something so special, and I am very proud of our volunteers and supporters who have helped us to make this a special place. We will have a great gallery committee working with our board of directors over the winter months making plans for how we are to proceed with the gallery for next year. With new ideas on the table for discussion, how to schedule group art shows, workshops, musical events, open poetry, and spoken word. Many possibilities now that we have our own space.

We will be closed for the winter months for us all to rest up and work on our artwork and be ready for our annual Spring Show in April.

We sold a few paintings during our Fitchburg Art Tour. Congratulations to Theloise Ferrell for winning our gallery door prize.

There is still time to come check out our Small Works Art Sale. Everything is $100 and under. Please stop by and say hi and support our local artists. We are selling a wonderful large gift basket and raffle tickets. The last day we will be open is Sunday, December 16.

Saturdays:  12:00 - 4:00 pm
Sundays:  12:00 - 4:00 pm

I will continually be posting photos of the artwork in the gallery on our Facebook page. If you are interested in purchasing please call me. To have a closer look, you may call to make an appointment to meet at the gallery.

Congratulations to the poets who won at the Poetry Reading Friday night at the Beals Library:
  • 1st Place: Susan Middleton of Ashfield
  • 2nd Place: Barbara Lemoine of Northfield
  • 3rd Place: Elaine Reardon of Warwick
We are seeking a poetry/writers coordinator for GALA; if you are interested please contact me.

GALA wishes you will have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Keep painting, taking photos, writing and playing music!


Deb Giordano
GALA President

  eventsGALA Events/Announcements
GALA Holiday Art Show  
GALA Arts Gallery, 135 Front Street, Winchendon, MA

This is a show of small affordable art work. Come and shop for Holiday gifts for your family and friends.

Weekends through Sunday, December 16 at GALA Arts Gallery
135 Front Street, Winchendon, MA

Winners of the Beals Poetry Contest 

Friday night the finalists read their poems to the public and the judges announced the winners. Congratulations to everyone who had entered and to the winners!

First Place: Susan Middleton

Crossing Tidewater Basin After Visiting Mom in the Hospital

Flat land leaves me uneasy-
no mountains, no hills, nothing to break
the horizon, like a streak of phosphors
sliding across a dark screen:
EKG's mosquito whine at life's end.

Give me the lively jerks and twitches
that a rocky bluff makes against an ocean sky,        
or a ridgeline of trees' tufted profile-
as reassuring to the eye
as heartbeat rhythms to the ear:
Come walk here, invites the hillside.
The edge is thrilling, calls the promontory.

Even treeless prairies, shaped by the long-ago
press of a glacier's frigid tongue,
are not cold to the eye
but warm as the breath of life-
Grasses ride waves of rolling earth
like whales emerging from the sea
to arc, then nose down below:
Slow but not still.
Quiet but for their huge breathing.

  Second Place: Barbara Lemoine


  Instructions for Sleep

Do not read Andre Breton before you go to bed
when you cannot sleep during a navy blue night.
His words won't help you. Word jumbles
will fill your mind like taking one of Alice's bottles
that say "drink me" and you do,
landing somewhere you never were before
and will never be again, and yet everything
seems familiar as if you always lived there.

Lived there with white curtains with pink eyelets
that once moved in a summer breeze,
with a tea kettle that whistles but the arm
that raises the spout's lid is broken but
you use it anyway because it belonged
to your aunt who died four decades ago
and still you ask her questions, waiting
for her answers to appear in the flowers.

And words that don't belong together
lash themselves to the mast of a frigate
sailing around the Cape of Good Hope
to start a family before waves capsize the ship
and the angels of the morning never appear.

Third Place: Elaine Reardon

Hye Holiday Gathering

Gram prepared paklava and bourma
without a written recipe. Like a newly
hatched bird I'd wait for a bits of sweetness
to fall, walnuts covered with cinnamon,
honey mixed with lemon. I stood on a stool
to watch. Before me Hrpesima, Anoush, Mariam had
mixed the dough and rolled it by hand, but when I was six
we bought it in thin sheets from Sevan's Market in Watertown.

Gram melted butter in the cast iron skillet.
Don't let the butter sizzle-too hot!
She mixed sugar and cinnamon in a bowl for me to add
then got out the heavy rolling pin and I crushed
walnuts beneath its weight. Gran said be sure
the nuts are ground fine! Grind them again-
still too big. I pushed the rolling pin hard against
walnuts, then we mixed in sugar and cinnamon.

We took one layer of phyllo at a time,
brushed with melted butter, sprinkle in nuts,
then rolled as quickly as we could.
Finally, using the sharpest blade,
we sliced the fragile rolls and
placed them on the cookie sheet.
Gram's were straight and long,
mine crinkled, like thin fabric.

I have the recipe still, yellow with age,
thin and tattered, like phyllo dough,
filled with handed down memories from those
who sat at this table before me- Shushan, Bedros,
Kevon, Katchador, Sitanoush, still cooking
to honor our homeland no longer on the map.
Now I'm the old one. When I cook,
grandmother's voice follows me, step by step.

The 8 Finalists

We hoped you enjoyed these poems. If you would like to share your poems in our monthly newsletter, email them to

GALA's Gallery Open Hours        
GALA Arts Gallery, 135 Front Street, Winchendon, MA

Saturdays:  12:00 - 4:00 pm
Sundays:  12:00 - 4:00 pm

We need volunteers to keep the gallery open. If you wish to volunteer to be a Gallery Sitter please view our calendar for available time slots and email Georgia Griffin at

MemberNewsMember News & Exhibits
Southwest by Northeast: The Work of Carolyn Todd     
Lawrence Academy, Groton, MA

Lawrence Academy welcomes the work of
Carolyn Todd

Southwest by Northeast

Carolyn's artwork will be on display through December 14, 2018 in the Conant Gallery (entrance on Rt. 40).

Set your GPS to:
44 Main Street
Groton, MA 01450

Gallery open Monday-Friday 9 AM-4 PM
Saturday and Sunday 12-4 PM

For more information contact Carolyn at

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Art Shows & Exhibits
New paintings by Paul Hoffman         
The Greenfield Gallery, Greenfield, MA

Forest Pool by Paul Hoffman
Paul Hoffman's bold narrative paintings return to The Greenfield Gallery

New paintings by Paul Hoffman on view at The Greenfield Gallery, November 17 through mid-January, 2018. Artist reception Friday, December 7, 5 to 8 p.m.

In his new collection of paintings up at The Greenfield Gallery through mid-January, Paul Hoffman is returning to one of his strengths - drawing. Hoffman's landscapes are boldly colored, intricate depictions that mix the familiar with the otherworldly. Hoffman's densely detailed surfaces call to mind Persian rugs or illuminated manuscripts, but the seemingly decorative quality of his work is oddly charged with a sense of hidden narrative, creating worlds that assert their claim to mystery.

For more information: or Trish Crapo at

Hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Thursdays and Fridays, noon to 8 p.m.; Saturdays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Greenfield Gallery
231 Main Street
Greenfield, MA 01301

December Events at Gallery Sitka        
Gallery Sitka, Fitchburg, MA

December 1: Memories on Main

Join us at Gallery Sitka on December 1st from 10 AM - 4 PM during Memories on Main

454 Main St., Fitchburg, Massachusetts 01420

December 2: "Abstract Vision": an Affordable Artraiser for the Shirley Meeting House

Village Art Show is doing their second show in Sitka Creations, Shirley from 2 PM - 4 PM.
Join us for a Shirley Meeting House Fundraiser! This is an affordable abstract art show, all work will be under $500. The show is curated by Iphigenia Gossios Burg. Artists to be included are Nina Arnold, Sharon Thompson, and Iphigenia Gossios Burg! 20% of all sales will go to The Shirley Meeting House in Shirley, MA.

2 Shaker Rd., D101, Shirley, Massachusetts 01464

December 8: Kate Shaffer at The Bull Run

Join us at the Bull Run Restaurant on December 8th from 1 PM - 3 PM to see new works by Kate Shaffer.

215 Great Rd., Shirley, Massachusetts 01464

Gallery Sitka
454 Main Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420

(978) 342-1006

16th Annual Petersham Art and Fine Craft Show       
Petersham, MA

16th Annual Petersham Art and Fine Craft Show
Saturday, December 1, 2018
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Petersham Town Hall on the Common
Live Music by Myra and Bill MacLeod

We still have a few spaces available

For more information contact Marcia Berkall at or 978 830-0293

Fall 2018 Exhibitions, Gallery Talks & Events       
East Wing Gallery, Mount Wachusett Community College, Gardner, MA

Recent Work by Keith Hollingworth
November 15 - December 6
Gallery Talk: Monday, November 19
12:30 - 1:30pm

Ceramic work by art student Kevin Oxford
November 15 - December 20
Reception: Wednesday, December 19
3:00 - 5:30pm

Exhibition of Student Work from Painting II & Drawing III
December 18, 2018 - January 25, 2019
Reception: Wednesday, December 19
3:00 - 5:30pm

The East Wing Gallery
Raymond LaFontaine Fine Art Center
Gallery Hours: Monday-Thursday: 8am - 8pm
Friday: 8am - 5pm & open during theatre events
Closed Sept. 3; Oct. 8; Nov 12, 22, 23; Dec. 24, 25

For more information contact:
Joyce Miller, Gallery Director:
Tom Matsuda, Dept. Chair:

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Art Classes & Instruction
NightScapes in Pastel                
River Valley Artisans, Keene, NH

NightScapes in Pastel
Christine Ivers
Saturday & Sunday, April 6 & 7, 2019
10:00am - 4:30pm
Stone Arch Village Community Room, 835 Court Street, Keene, NH
This is a two-day workshop that explores texture, temperature and the medium of pure pigment. Students will have the opportunity to paint from their own photos or photos that will be available. They will also be able to purchase pre-prepared boards that incorporate the surface that I work on. All levels are invited.

The registration fee for this 2-day workshop is $250. Price will increase to $300 after March 20th, 2019. This fee is non-refundable unless the minimum number of students is not met or the class is cancelled by this art group or the instructor.

Please contact for more information or a registration form.
Glassblowing Classes                    
Terrapin Glassblowing Studio, Jaffrey, NH

Acorn - Level I Flameworking Class

No experience required
*Class size: 2-10
*Ages 12+ (at least one adult must sign up for class with students under age 16)
*All materials included
*Pre-registration for these classes is required, either through our website ( or via our office (603-593-5073). We do not accept registrations via Facebook.

In this class students will melt glass in a flame and use gravity and tools to shape into a cute acorn.  Add a hook to your piece to hang the acorn in your window, on the tree, or leave it without a hook if you prefer to keep it on the table as decoration! One hour class.

Cost is $40 per person for group class or $50 for a private lesson

Blow Your Own Pumpkin in the Hot Shop

*No experience required
*Class size 2+
*Ages 7+ (at least one adult must sign up for class with students under age 16)
*All materials included
*Pre-registration for these classes is required, either through our website ( or via our office (603-593-5073). We do not accept registrations via Facebook.

This class gives you the opportunity to participate in making your very own pumpkin. Each student will get to choose their own pumpkin and stem colors. In the hot shop you will stand right upfront while the instructor gathers clear glass out of our 2,075 degree furnace. After adding the color to our glass, the student will get to heat the glass and blow their bubble. Once the bubble has cooled down, the instructor then gathers out of the furnace again. Each student gets to blow two more times; one time in a pumpkin mold, and the last time to finish blowing out the final pumpkin shape. Watch as the instructors attach you pumpkin stem before it's off into our annealing oven for overnight cooling. Cost is:
Adults (16+) $55 per person
Ages 12-15 $60 per person
Ages 7-11 $65 per person

Terrapin Glassblowing Studio
79 Hadley Road
Jaffrey, NH 03452
(603) 593-5073
Spring Art Courses               
Mount Wachusett Community College, Gardner, MA

Life Drawing
Wednesdays, April 3 through May 8, 6:30 - 9:00pm

Join a talented artist for a life drawing class using a live model. Bring your own supplies and draw or paint independently of the instructor. The model will be set up for different lengths of time for various poses. The instructor will be available if help is needed. Completed work will be shown during the last session. Space is limited. Model fees are included in the cost of the course.

Instructor: Corrine Goodrich

No waivers accepted for this class.

Spring Art Courses

All levels of Drawing, Figure Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, 2D and 3D Design. Classes are open to majors, non-majors, and seniors (tuition free). Students 60 years and older are eligible for a waiver of tuition and fees. Call 978-630-9270.

The Art Department at Mount Wachusett Community College invites you to remind your art students to consider our program this fall. We have an Art degree for students considering transfer to an art school or a four year institution majoring in Art. We also recently added a Liberal Arts Degree with a Concentration in Art for students who want to minor in Art and pursue other studies, or pursue related fields such as museum studies, art education, art therapy, art administration, and art history.

The Associate Degree in Fine Art is a cost effective way to begin a college degree and minimize debt after graduation. We assist students in creating a strong portfolio and application for transfer and potential scholarships. Our students have successfully transferred to Massachusetts College of Art and Design, University of Massachusetts, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Montserrat College of Art, Maine College of Art, Boston University, Hartford Art School, Pratt Institute, and others.

Visit our website to learn more about our program, facilities, and student work.

Contact Thomas Matsuda at for more information.
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Call for Artists: Wild and Wooly                        
Nashua Area Artists Association, Nashua, NH

The Nashua Area Artists Association is putting out a call to members and non-members for our January/February exhibit at the ArtHub Gallery. "Wild and Wooly" will be a non-juried exhibit open to artists in all media.

Unleash the wild and embrace the woolly for this open-call art exhibition. We are looking for art that explores everything from wild weather, wild locales, and wildlife to woolly creatures, fiber art, and art made from wool.

Eligibility: Open call to all artists working in any medium. We will be accepting 2D art as well as fiber art, felted wool paintings, sculpture, ceramics, reliefs, pottery, and other free standing art.

To learn more about this theme and how to register, please visit our website at

Call for Artists: Made in Mass                      
The Brick Room Gallery, Gardner, MA

Rome Furniture, at 562 Main St. in Gardner, MA, is looking for art to fill The Brick Room gallery. We are interested in any art and craft works "Made in Mass." For more information call Linda Ruscio at 978-632-0687, or email inquiries to This opportunity is in the beginning stages.

Amherst Town Hall Gallery
Amherst Public Art Commission, Amherst, MA

The Amherst Public Art Commission invites area artists or groups of artists to submit work for consideration for exhibition in the Amherst Town Hall Gallery in 2019-2020 (July 2019-June 2020.) Both established and emerging artists are encouraged to apply. Exhibitions are on display for two months, and artists are asked to participate in the monthly Amherst Arts Night Plus (first Thursday of the month) during their show.

Various hanging media including painting, photography, drawing, printmaking, pastels, mixed media, fiber and illustration will be considered.

Submission requirements: Completed application, artist statement and/or resume, and 5 digital images. A $20 entry fee is payable upon acceptance to exhibit. Applications must be received no later than January 20, 2019. Artists will be notified of the jury's decision by February 5, 2019.

Applications may be completed online

Please send questions to Amy at
The Art Exhibit Committee
Athol Public Library
Athol Public Library
The Art Exhibit Committee of the Athol Public Library invites area artists to submit work for consideration for exhibition in the library's conference room.

The committee will review work for one person shows on an ongoing basis.

Various hanging media including painting, drawing, printmaking, illustration, photography, textiles and mixed media are eligible.

Application forms with submission requirements are available at the library circulation desk and online at: and

For more information please or call Heidi at 879-248-9995 or email:
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Resources for Artists
The Fitchburg Cultural Alliance

Go to our website to sign up for our newsletter and check out our calendar of events in the North Central region.

A vibrant force advancing arts and culture in the Fitchburg community and in the North Central Massachusetts region.

The Central Mass Chapter of the Women's Caucus for Art

The Central Mass chapter of the Women's Caucus for Art (CMWCA) is accepting new memberships. We are a national organization that supports, develops and celebrates art making by women. We create exhibition opportunities; network with artists regionally, nationally and internationally; and offer educational programs locally. We are organized as an artists' collective where each member contributes to our vision and works as needed to carry our mission forward.

For more information, see our websites: and

Art Support & Other

Art Support is a website dedicated to providing support and resources for artists of all types.

The following is just a small list of support provided to artists: Organizations Helping Visual Artists, US Government Art Organizations, State Agencies and Art Commissions, Non Governmental Art Organizations, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, Laws Regarding Visual Arts, Artist Consultants, Grants for Artists & Grant Assistance, Artist Health Insurance, and many other legal support and resources for Massachusetts artists.


Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) and check out the MCC blog ArtSake

The Painter's Keys where you can subscribe to twice weekly letters from artist Robert Genn.

Visit the Arts Marketing Project website for info, ideas, tools and training on marketing art.

Princeton Arts Society Blog

Mini Grants for Professional Development are available through NewVue Communities. More information.

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Exhibit & Other Opportunities for Artists & Musicians
Exhibit Opportunities
Heywood Hospital Wound Care Center  Gardner, MA   (GALA Sponsored Venue)
Contact Vicki Heidorn a  or 978-630-2340

Contact Alice Struthers  or 978-597-2057

The Arts Alliance has quarterly exhibits at the Hudson Town Hall, so if you are interested in a solo exhibit of your work, contact Danielle Moskowitz at (978) 562-1646 or
Falmouth Artists Guild  Falmouth, MA

Post Road Art Center   Marlborough, MA
The Library is always looking for exhibitors to show their work in the Art Gallery. If you are interested in exhibiting as an individual or a group, please contact the Library Director, Kathleen D. Leslie at 978-632-5298 or 
Workers' Credit Union   Gardner, MA
The bank offers the opportunity for a small display of artwork at the 171 Main St. branch in Gardner. For more info, contact Monica Whitehouse at 978-632-9207.

Art & Music Instruction Opportunity
The  West Boylston Arts Foundation (WBAF) is always looking for artists, crafters, or musicians that would like to offer workshops or classes. 

Donating a portion of the course fee to the WBAF to support school arts & music would be most welcome. 

If interested, please contact  Mark Baldi (508) 767-2803 - work  (508) 835-6489 - home

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More Exhibits & Classes
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We Need Your Help! 
There are many ways to volunteer! Please email  to express your interest in helping out with our organization.

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NewsletterSubmissions Newsletter Submissions
Have news about exhibits, awards, events, classes, call for artists
or other art info?
Please send your news "publication ready" to . See  previous newsletters   for example formats and the type of info to provide.  We strongly recommend that you include a digital image related to the news  as well as your website address & links to any venues.  Image filenames should include the name of the artist and the work.  Please post your press releases online whenever possible and submit a link.  


Submission deadline is the 23rd of each month 
for publication on the 1st of the following month.

Inclusion of items/announcements is always at the discretion of GALA, but inclusion of submissions from non-members is limited to information deemed to be of benefit to
GALA members.

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