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What's New with Envision Eugene?
December 30th, 2018
2018 marked the kickoff of several new projects, and we look forward to more exciting updates in 2019. This month's Envision Eugene Newsletter provides updates on the River Road - Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan, Urban Reserves planning and the compact development incentives that were adopted as part of the new transportation system development charge. This newsletter also includes 2018 population estimates for Eugene. We hope you'll find this information useful and reach out if you have questions. As always, you can find more information on all of our work by visiting our website.
River Road-Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan Update
The past couple of months have been a flurry of writing, reviewing, and revising of draft policies for the River Road - Santa Clara Neighborhood Plan. Working group members created the first set of draft policies back in September and since then Community Advisory Committee (CAC) members have been leading the charge to refine and edit them. 

On December 5th, we had a chance to celebrate and review all of the hard work that has gone into the draft policies so far. At this ‘Policy Round-Up’ working group members, CAC members, and staff from various agencies broke into teams to review and sort the draft policies. More than 60 people participated, and activity results are available on the Topic Areas page. The next task is to incorporate the feedback we received at the Policy Round-up.

In addition, we are launching the River Road Corridor Study, which will dive into the details of how the neighborhood goals related to transportation, land use, and economic development can be implemented along River Road.

Our next large community event will be held in late February or early March, when we will have a complete set of draft policies to share. If you have questions about the neighborhood plan, you can contact Eric Brown at EBrown@eugene-or.gov.
Urban Reserves Update: Technical Analysis
Urban Reserves staff are currently building a geospatial model that will help classify land within the draft study area into different categories. This classification will help identify which areas may be appropriate for inclusion in Urban Reserves. During the constraints analysis, we are removing land from consideration that is not well suited to future development. This includes land that has protected natural or cultural resources, natural hazards, or is committed to other uses like roads, schools, the airport and parks. After these constraints are removed, the remaining vacant or semi-vacant land in the draft study area will be evaluated for capacity to determine how many homes or jobs could be accommodated.

The Envision Eugene Technical Advisory Committee (EETAC) met on December 6th to review the protected and committed lands we have identified in the draft study area. Their next meeting is on February 7th, where they will be reviewing the first version of the capacity analysis. Meetings are open to the public and more information can be found on the EETAC website.

Want to learn more about Urban Reserves? Our Draft Study Area FAQ and Urban Reserves FAQ have been updated to reflect questions staff have received. For more general information please refer to the project website ( http://www.eugene-or.gov/UrbanReserves) or reach out to project manager Rebecca Gershow at RGershow@eugene-or.gov.
Systems Development Charge Incentives
Systems development charges are the fees collected by the City to pay for sidewalks, roads, parks, and other elements of public infrastructure that support our quality of life. Last month the Eugene City Council adopted a new transportation system development charge (TSDC) methodology, along with incentives for compact development. For details about the methodology and incentives, you can visit the TSDC webpage.
2018 Population Estimates Released
Portland State University released the certified 2018 population estimates for Oregon and its counties and cities. As of July 1, 2018, Eugene 's population is estimated to be 169,695. This is an increase of just over 1 percent from 2017 population estimates, which is about the same growth rate as last year.

According to Portland State University’s Population Research Center, Oregon’s population increased by 54,200 between 2017 and 2018, mostly due to new residents moving to the state. Due to an aging population and declining birth rates, natural increase, the difference between the number of births and deaths, now contributes less to Oregon’s population growth than at any time since the 1930's. For Oregon's cities, Portland and Bend added the most residents with Beaverton, Eugene, Salem and Tigard adding more than 1,000 residents each.
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