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Happy Holiday Season!


Stop DUI Highway Marker
Wishing our customers and associates a (safe) and

This time of year we rejoice with our loved ones and the spirit of the season.

Some unfortunate families are devastated by impaired drivers. Stop DUI organization is a leader in providing help for those families that suffer loss from impaired drivers.

Our December Customer Spotlight  is our longtime customer:
Stop DUI

Please visit their site to see the service they bring to our area.

"The purpose and mission of Stop DUI is to assist the Innocent Victims of this violent crime, support Law Enforcement, educate the public to the dangers of impaired driving through education and awareness programs (including underage drinking), and pursue DUI and Crime Victim rights legislative reform."

Presidential Proclamation-- National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

National Impaired Driver Prevention Month 


Every day, millions of Americans travel on our Nation's roadways.  Thousands of these drivers and passengers tragically lose their lives each year because of drunk, drugged, or distracted driving.  During National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, we recommit to preventing the loss of life by practicing safe driving practices and reminding others to be sober, drug free, and safe on the road.

This National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, we must also draw attention to the dangers of distracted driving, including using electronic equipment or texting while behind the wheel of a vehicle. 
When people take their attention away from the road to answer a call, respond to a message, or use a device, they put themselves and others at risk.  Distracted driving is a serious, life threatening practice, and I encourage everyone to visit Distraction.gov to learn how to prevent distracted driving.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

This year Flags Unlimited celebrates 35 years in business in Nevada.... Thanks to our great customers!

In 2011, we launched our new information website and began this monthly newsletter. We send over 250 local businesses our newsletter each month.  

For 35 years we have known it is our customers that make our business worthwhile. This year, we are spotlighting a business customer each month in our newsletter. This connection with our community is our thanks to all our business customers, and a fun and valuable way to network our businesses.



2013 is  our 35th year in business in Nevada. Our company values and mission remains the same as in 1978.
  • Respect and focus on our customers needs.
  • Provide quality products at fair prices and provide US flags that are Made-in-USA.
  • Be effective, constructive, innovative and conservative to best serve our customers.  
  • Be a responsible company participating in our business community.    




Randy Kopf

Mel Benedict


Link to the most current and complete U.S. Flag Code compilation for the U.S. Senate.
Flag Holidays

It is appropriate to fly the flag every day. This list of days is declared in the U.S.Flag Code.

New Year's Day - January 1
Martin Luther King Day - Third Monday in January
Inauguration Day - January 20
Lincoln's Birthday - February 12
Washington's Birthday - February 22
Presidents' Day - Third Monday in February
Easter Sunday- Movable- March 31, 2013
                   (first Sunday after the first full moon on  
                    or after the March equinox)     
Mother's Day - Second Sunday in May
Peace Officers Memorial Day (half-staff) - May 15
Armed Forces Day - Third Saturday in May
Memorial Day (half-staff until noon) -Last Monday in May
Flag Day - June 14
Army Day - June 14
Independence Day - July 4
Korean War Veterans Day (half-staff) - July 27
Labor Day - First Monday in September
Patriot Day - (half-staff from sunrise to sundown)       
                      September 11, 2011 - 10th Anniversary
Citizenship Day - September 17
Air Force Day - September 17
Constitution Day -- September 17
POW/MIA Recognition Day - September 21
Columbus Day - October 12
Navy Day - October 27
National Election Day - First Tuesday in November
Marine Corps Day - November 10
Veterans Day - November 11
Thanksgiving Day - Fourth Thursday in November
National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (half-staff from sunrise to sundown) - December 7
Christmas Day - December 25
Election Days
and such other days as may be proclaimed by the President of the United States; the birthdays of States (date of admission); and on State holidays.