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October Beekeeping Tips


The weather might get too cold for extended inspections.  Watch the weather. 


A full-sized colony should have at least 70-90 pounds of honey to eat by the beginning of October or more than one full deep. Estimate weight by slightly tipping and hefting the hive.

If you feed the bees sugar syrup, it should be a 2:1 ratio and thicker than the spring feed. The bees will need at least two double-sided frames of pollen/bee bread by late winter/early spring.

The bees will need at least two double-sided frames of pollen by late winter or early spring. 

If the weather is dry this fall an you have limited water source near the hive, make sure to provide one.


Pests, parasites, and disease

Always remove chemical Varroa mite treatments according to directions.  Make sure that none remain in the hive before you winterize them. 


Winter prep should continue.  Remove extra supers and queen excluders, secure the hive cover, add mouse guard.  Consider raising the hive up off the ground and remove any supers that have not been filled.



Let us know of any questions as you navigate your bee journey!

Beekeeping Class 

We are excited to offer Beginner and Advanced Beekeeping!

December 17th, 2022 at the Grand Meridian

Beginner is 8:00 AM - 12:00PM

Advanced 1:00 PM - 5:00PM 

Register online at:


We have extractors!!!  

4-Frame Honey Stainless Steal Hand 

4-Frame Stainless Steal Electric 

2-Frame Stainless Steal Hand 

2-Frame Stainless Steal Electric 

Upcoming Events

Fox Valley Bee Keepers

The October Fox Valley Beekeepers Club Meeting will be held at LET IT BEE INC. on October 20th. 

N1829 Municipal Dr. Greenville

Meeting starts at 7pm

Come and learn the Art of Beekeeping.


Brown County Beekeepers Association

This month's meeting is October 19th at

6:30 PM at The Green Bay Botanical Gardens. No MBM but great treats and networking. 

Questions contact current President



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