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Why is Homeowners Insurance Becoming Less Affordable?

Homeowners insurance is getting pushed out of reach for many Americans as prices continue to rise due to increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters, escalating home repair costs, and other pressures. Additionally, affordability is tied to various cost drivers that differ from state to state. These factors include the number and average amount of claims paid by insurers, exposure to weather and natural hazard risks, as well as coverage for perils such as theft and vandalism.

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American's Falling Behind on Auto Loan Payments at Record Pace

The steady rise in Americans falling behind on their auto loans comes as a result of high car prices, steep borrowing costs, and stubborn inflation. The high number of delinquencies has not yet led to an equivalent growth in defaults, but vehicle repossessions have progressively ticked higher and are expected to continue to climb. Cox Automotive estimates 1.5 million vehicles will be seized by the end of 2023, up from 1.2 million last year.

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"Thank you so much for all of your support and the amazing service you offer us. I truly love ISI and the team. It's one of my favorite vendors to work with, and I know you and your team are always there promptly to help us!"

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Data/Industry Trends

Here's What Mortgage Bankers Association is Now Forecasting for Loan Volume, Rates in 2024 and 2025

Total mortgage origination volume is expected to increase to %1.95 trillion from the expected $1.64 trillion in 2023. Additionally, total loan count is expected to increase 19% and purchase originations 11%.

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Several Areas of Growing Delinquencies Flagged in Newest CUNA Economic Update

There is a slight upward movement in mortgage delinquency rates and a dramatic increase in auto delinquency rates.

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CUNA Economic Update


December Holidays, Fun Facts, and Folklore!

The month of December brings many holidays, feasts, and happenings! Learn all about the 12th month on the calendar, a short history, and what the month is known for!

Everything you need to know about December


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