December 2018

  • Happy Holidays!
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As December brings a season of celebration for many people around the globe, the IDDSI Board of Directors extends best wishes to all for the season and the new year!
Some holiday suggestions:

Consider developing and disseminating a screen saver, E-greeting card or message of the IDDSI framework and gift it to everyone at your workplace.

Think about whether your special celebration foods and drinks include modified textures and consistencies that could also be enjoyed by someone with dysphagia.
South Africa - Taking IDDSI to the community in Kwa Zulu Natal
IDDSI is making inroads into Kwa Zulu Natal to help improve safety for those living with dysphagia. Training session were held to train 73 community caregivers. Using a Train the Trainer model for the caregivers was seen as the most effective method in order to eventually reach a potential of 9 million people in Kwa Zulu Natal. The IDDSI education session was part of an overall strategy which also included education about managing food security and increasing understanding of caregivers who support people with dysphagia of all ages.  

This strategy included looking at foods grown at home (“one home/one garden”) as well as how to harvest, prepare and test foods for use for those with swallowing disorders.  Training packages were developed in English and translated to isiZulu.  Outcome measures include monitoring of emergency medical visits for dysphagia related illnesses and a hoped-for outcome of increased awareness of dysphagia resulting in increased referrals to hospital for assessment and management. 

To read more about this initiative go, click here.
Belgium - a festive Special Olympics Event
‘Ter Heide’ is a Belgian long-term care setting for residents with a severe mental and multiple physical disabilities, and many of them also suffer from swallowing and chewing problems. On November 8th, 2018 residents and their family - along with all other guests - enjoyed a special meal during the 5th event of the Healthy Community Project 'Eating is a party'. The dysphagic resident was the main inspiration for the entire menu and this resulted in adapted nutrition for everyone using all IDDSI levels.

This unique project was organized by Diane Buekers, Clinical Director of Health Promotion within the Special Olympics Belgium committee. After enjoying the buffet, the residents could participate in adapted physical activities according to their individual capabilities. The festive closing event was an incredibly delicious - and customized - dessert buffet, again using the IDSSI framework and labeling, followed by the extinction of the Olympic flame.
Updates from Around the World
Education and support has been provided to individuals and/or organisations in South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Morocco, part of Egypt, Qatar and the UAE to increase awareness of education and help with preparation for IDDSI implementation

Implementation of IDDSI is moving forward in some urban and rural public and private hospital systems in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. 

An Australian Steering Committee is guiding the implementation of IDDSI across Australia with the creation of a project officer position to work closely with health care professionals, food services and industry. Strategies have included regular communications through monthly newsletters and a number of webinars. Each state is moving forward with implementation towards an implementation date of May 1, 2019.

French translation has been completed with implementation moving forward in a number of facilities.
The Dutch translation almost complete and will be widely available soon.
Many organizations are moving forward with awareness and preparing for implementation
A Special Olympics event which was recently held in Belgium featured foods and drinks developed with the IDDSI framework.  This has resulted in high interest in IDDSI from the families and participants of this event.

IDDSI has been introduced to health care professionals who work with people with dysphagia in Brazil through presentations about IDDSI.  There has been good uptake with many health professionals, particularly SLP with ongoing discussion about implementation.  Professionals in other Latin American countries will have an opportunity to hear about IDDSI and implementation at the first Latin American Dysphagia Congress planned for June 14 and 15, 2019.

Canada is aiming to launch IDDSI in January 2019 and has a recently formed IDDSI expert reference group to help steer and support IDDSI implementation across Canada.   The members include the professions of nutrition and dietetics, occupational therapy and speech language pathology,  nutrition & food services management and industry. In addition, the group brings experience from all care sectors and populations from pediatrics to seniors, acute to community care. There is a focus on ensuring all communications are provided in both official languages in Canada (English and French).  The reference group has identified key priorities and will communicate to Canadian IDDSI users through monthly newsletters and webinars.  
In China, there is fast growing interest and activities in the area of special diets (largely food for medical purposes), evidenced by the many workshops, training courses and conferences being organized by various organisations. Industries see this as a big business opportunity, because of the huge elderly populations in the country. Some of these activities are initiated and supported by governmental organisations. The Chinese version of IDSSI Framework is now available and has attracted huge attention. A number of SLP professions have been very actively working on implementing the framework into various care settings. Government authorities are currently working on national standards of food for the elderly; the IDDSI framework is used as the main reference resource for these standards. 

Work is going on to move to translating IDDSI documents and supporting IDDSI nationally.  Various professional groups are working together to facilitate implementation.

The Singapore General Hospital group organised a meeting of hospital affiliates in December 2018 to discuss and discuss sharing of resources for IDDSI implementation. Future meetings are planned to help progress implementation and to look at texture modification of various local and culture-specifics foods.

USA and territories
The American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) & the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) IDDSI task forces have linked to discuss implementation with an agreement that May 2019 is the launch date for the USA & Territories.  
Multiple facilities and organizations in various health care sectors have begun the implementation process or are in various stages of implementation
Puerto Rico
Education sessions with SLP students at the University of Turabo in Puerto Rico, in collaboration with New York Medical College, lead to a series of in-services to various health professionals at Hospital Menonita in Caguas, PR.

The UK is actively moving forward with IDDSI implementation on a national basis with a go-live date of April 2019. An upcoming IDDSI congress and festival is planned for February 18, 2019 bring together clinicians, industry, health care providers, carers, professional associations, food service and catering.
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New IDDSI Translation - Slovenian
Announcing our newest translation available for review – SLOVENIAN. A big thank you to the translation team of volunteers who worked on this. 

Languages currently up for review include: Arabic, German, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Slovenian and Vietnamese. 

Are you fluent in any of these languages?  If so, please consider reviewing these documents and adding any comments or suggestions for the translation before final posting.

We now have an easier online-based translation feedback form.

Please take a moment and see if a language you are fluent in is available for review. Your comments, thoughts and suggestions are always appreciated!

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IDDSI on the Move
  • November 2018 – American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention, Boston, MA, USA
  • November 2018 – Iowa AND Conference, West Des Moines, IA, USA
  • December 2018 -National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • December 2018- Fresenius Kabi conference, Advances in the Treatment and Management of Dysphagia, Stratford on Avon, UK
  • January 2019- Flemish Association of Speech Language Pathologists conference, Belgium
  • February 2019 – UK IDDSI Congress & Festival, UK

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