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In November 2023, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released an updated version of its popular Plant Hardiness Zone Map. 
The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is a standard guide to a plantโ€™s cold tolerance. Overall, much of Iowa is now in Hardiness Zone 5. Learn more about the new map and how to best use it here.
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How many Christmas tree farms are in Iowa?

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After the holidays, there are several ways to dispose of or recycle your cut tree. Learn about the many ways your cut tree can be a benefit even after the lights and decorations are removed.
Monitor for pests frequently and deal with them as soon as they are noticed while populations are small. When managing any houseplant pest, often the best results come when you pair multiple techniques simultaneously. See this article for how to manage insect problems in houseplants.
There are three more National Award Winners to announce from the 2023 trials! Circle in your catalogs, and add to your garden plans for 2024! See the exciting new winners in this article.
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Garden Trivia Answer

According to the latest USDA Census of Agriculture report (2017), Iowa had 139 Christmas tree farms covering 1,257 acres. Iowa ranks 29th in the country in cut tree production. Oregon is number 1 (1,431 farms; 45,283 acres), North Carolina is second (854 farms; 38,893 acres), and Michigan is third (1,233 farms; 36,986 acres). Learn more about the selection, care, and disposal of cut trees in this article: Guide to Selection and Care of Christmas Trees
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