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December 13, 2021 Edition
Don't sell your business, make them want to buy it.


When it comes to selling your business, you are likely in one of two places.
1) Ideally
Your business is running really well without your day to day attention, very profitable, fully staffed, and you have loads of new business coming in. Then I say to you congratulations. Buyers want your company, let's talk about selling.

Our business is selling your business.

2) On the Other Hand
You are not in that position yet. In order to be desirable to a Buyer and to successfully sell your business you need to prepare both you the Owner and the company for sale. Buyers may not want your company as it stands now. Even if they do, it is unlikely you will get top dollar.

Not ready to sell yet? We can help you get there.

Check out this audio lesson Understanding What Buyers Want from our online program and immediately learn how to make your company more desirable to a Buyer.

Eric Gilboord, CEO
Creator and Presenter of