128CM Memorial

Student Golf Tournament

February 10th, 2023

in Death Valley

The Oasis Death Valley room block

will be released tonight at midnight.

If you have not gotten your room & want to stay overnight,

make sure to get the preferred rate by reserving a room


Call: The Oasis at the Ranch front desk

1 (760) 786-2345

and give block ID#1404971

20 School Teams

- we met our cap

Teams Registered

Escondido Adventist Academy - 3 teams

Lodi Academy - 1 team

Loma Linda Academy - 5 teams

Mesa Grande Academy - 3 teams

Orangewood Academy - 3 teams

Paradise Adventist Academy - 1 team

Redlands Adventist Academy - 3 teams

Rio Lindo Adventist Academy - 1 team

San Gabriel Academy - 1 team

Friends of the Tournament Attending

*Golfers Green Fee - $100/person

  • Lanny Ballew
  • Larry Ballew
  • Doug Bishop
  • Bob Ching
  • Brian Ching
  • Julie Ching
  • Phyllis Ching
  • Adrian Cotton
  • Jerry Dennis
  • Bud Feldkamp
  • Buddy Feldkamp
  • Richard Harding
  • Bill Haesely
  • Ken Jutzy
  • Robyn Jutzy
  • Candi Keeney
  • Doug McElmurry
  • Daryl Payne
  • Bob Summerour

**Gallery - complimentary lunch

  • Art Beers
  • Liz Beers
  • Marie Bunke
  • Glenn Crisler
  • Maggie Cotton
  • Jessica Feldkamp
  • Sally Harding
  • Dave Jones
  • Bob Keeney
  • Thom Miller
  • Peter Nelson
  • Suzanne Nelson
  • Robert Peterson
  • Roberta Peterson
  • Ed Rouhe
  • Gloria Rouhe
  • Danielle Scott
  • Jack Scott

Definition of Gallery - A group of spectators who have come to the golf course to watch and support the competition.

20 school teams have committed

- payment deadline is

January 17th, 2023

if deadline is missed, the team loses its spot

and it's open for another school.

Golfers and Gallery:

If your name is not on the list

and you are planning to come

please email or call

(909) 723-1067

*Golfer Attendees - $100 for green fee,

includes lunch, please mail in check

to address below.

**Gallery Attendees - no fee, you will be guests of the Feldkamp and Cotton families.

Mailing Address:

128CM Memorial Foundation

Attn: Liz Beers

P.O. Box 10699

San Bernardino, CA 92423

Visit 128CM.org to gather more information

128CM Memorial Foundation | host@128CM.org | www.128CM.org
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