128CM Memorial

Student Golf Tournament

February 10th, Death Valley

Great News

Because of your long history of giving

and the reputation of the Death Valley Classic,

31 teams

are competing in the new

128CM Memorial Student Golf Tournament

The tournament has a prize purse of $55,000

for students to take back to 14 different schools

funded independently of the

128CM Memorial Foundation.

You can continue

to help through the

128CM Memorial Foundation

with donations that will all go directly to the 'Principal Fund'.

A fund in which principals choose students needing tuition assistance, just as we have done over the past years.

100% of your donations go to Tuition Assistance

Mailing Address:

128CM Memorial Foundation

Attn: Liz Beers

P.O. Box 10699

San Bernardino, CA 92423

Visit 128CM.org to gather more information

128CM Memorial Foundation | host@128CM.org | www.128CM.org
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