Our ability to obey God with travel and field ministry continues, but on a much smaller scale as we navigate 2021. We continue to stand in faith that this Fear Virus from hell will be crushed and destroyed from its roots, as members of the body of Christ exercise authority and continue to speak death to it in the name of Jesus. 
We will be on the road for most of February, with meetings scheduled in Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma and Delaware. For this we are grateful. We’re still working on additional meetings in the March through May time frame. Stand in faith with us for more open doors of utterance as the year unfolds, both in the USA and the Philippines. In the meantime, we continue doing our Facebook Live Stream event each week, which reaches thousands of viewers we might never minister to any other way. We hope you are able to join us each week live, or later after Ethel uploads the events to Facebook and YouTube. 
At the present time, the Philippine government has placed the USA on their list of restricted countries due to the COVID-19 Fear Virus. That means only Filipino citizens can return home from points abroad if they so desire, but still have to deal with all the quarantine restrictions nonetheless. Others, like me, must wait until these current travel restrictions are lifted. Even then, we’ll have to go through miles of ridiculous red-tape, get tested for the Fear Virus before leaving the USA, then again when arriving in the Philippines. Then, each visitor must go to a “government approved” hotel of some kind to quarantine for 14 days - alone. We’ve stayed in “approved hotels” before, and they’re dirty, cramped and overall – dumpy. And of course, all expenses are at the traveler’s expense while in quarantine – the hotel reservation, all incidental hotel charges, food and anything else. In addition, incoming travelers must have a tracer app installed on their phones. As long as these lockdowns and restrictions remain in place, I cannot go back there for ministry work. We must stay in touch with our personnel via online technology. In addition, others intending to work with us this year are also unable to come until further notice, for all the same reasons.  All of this is subject to change for better or worse, but overall, its still an exercise in total fear and paranoia. 
Our Rhema Bible Training Center is now in session once again, with some of our students in the compound for in-person classes, and others following online. Some of our instructors teach in person, others do so online. If we are not able to return this summer, we’ll also be teaching our classes from Tucson via ZOOM technology. 
Here is one of the village officials greeting everyone, and thanking us for coming to their place with the food and the gospel.  
On January 18th, our staff conducted another MKMI Crusade in the barangay (village) of Embargo. Your prayers and financial support enable us to continue reaching out to these precious people.

When planning our crusade locations in prayer, we always prioritize the out-of-the-way places, which are mostly forgotten by the politicians and big-city government. We know Jesus loves them and died for them, so its our honor to represent Him in these isolated places.  
The people were so happy to sing praises to God with us! This is always a big part of our crusade outreach.  
Here is the report filed by our Crusade Director, describing the Embargo crusade results:
Hi Dad, 
Praise God for the successful Crusade in Bario Embargo, Ozamiz City on January 18, 2021, 3pm, Monday. There were 30 less fortunate families who received our amelioration food pack, including the 20 BPAT (Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team) and 8 BHW (Barangay Health Workers). 58 families in total received our amelioration food pack.
We were able to preach the Salvation and healing during the distribution. The Barangay Captain was so thankful for the Mike Keyes Ministries International, in conducting such a program to help alleviate their situation. Praise God for the souls who received Jesus as their personal life and Savior. and for receiving their miracle healing. 
Crusade Director: Rolly Pamaran
We use food giveaways as part of our crusade outreach everywhere we go.
It's been our honor to reach these precious people, most of which live in abject poverty, and now fear due to the COVID-19 virus.
Here is one lady reading our crusade literature, which in their language, describes the born-again experience. Every person who attends our crusade will get this before they leave for home.
Some of the people now have their food gifts on their laps as we continue the distribution and share the gospel with them.
New news to report. We have reached out to our attorneys, asking them to reproduce the letter they wrote and filed in 2013 with our beloved City Hall, which was the last time the City of Ozamiz tried to force us to pay them taxes, dating all the way back to 1994 no less. We will submit this letter as soon as possible. As it turned out eight years ago, we believe it will turn out the same now. See the PRAYER CLOSET segment for additional information.  
Here is a Prophecy given in 1987 by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin. It is lengthy, but worth your time to read and heed. We need to saturate ourselves with accurate words from proven prophetic ministries like his in these last days. More than any other, Brother Hagin’s ministry is responsible for teaching and training me for success in ministry. I am a 1980 graduate of his school, Rhema Bible Training College. This prophetic word was sent to me by Rev. Tom Arnold, an apostle who is also a dear friend and co-worker in the Lord, who knew and worked with Rev. Hagin intimately. Thank you, Tom! 
The seer shall stand on the horizon of time and see that which God has planned and know its purpose. Standing on the horizon of time, he shall look back into the realm of time and see that which the enemy has planned. Yeh, yeh, yeh, saith the Lord of hosts – this is the time of restoration. This is the time of visitation, the time of fresh renewing and outpouring and so the visitation of the Lord shall be greater in these days than it was yesterday and the manifestation of His power and glory shall be 100-fold more than it was yesterday. Manifestation or supernatural miracles shall increase 100-fold more than we’ve known in the past.
Yeh, the glory of God shall be seen upon the face of many. And many without a word being spoken - just looking upon the face of the man of God, shall fall down in repentance and cry out unto God. Members of the Body, enhanced by the Spirit, on fire and maintaining the glow – men and women in the world shall look upon their faces and fall down and say: “I don’t know what makes me do this.”
Yeh, the power of God shall be in manifestation and your heart shall be rejoicing and you shall be glad. And the work of God shall be consummated and many things that have been spoken even unto men of God who sit in this place and shake their heads and say: “O, that cannot be so – the work of God coming into the spirits by the women of God and men of God.” And they declared by human reasoning: “That is impossible – that cannot be so.” But, yes, saith the Lord of hosts, all things are possible to him that believes. And with Me all things are possible and the impossible shall become possible. And even many have said: “It is possible but not probable.” Yeh, even the improbable shall come into manifestation and your hearts shall be made to rejoice and your spirits shall be glad, and the work of God shall be enhanced and the kingdom of God shall be advanced.
And sitting upon the horizon of time and looking not only in the realm of the spirit and seeing that which transpires in the spirit realm for the enemy goeth about as never before, knowing that his time is short. Thou shall know and thou shall share. And those who know how to pray will rise up in this hour and then intercede and the forces of darkness shall be driven back and the evil spirits and the powers of the enemy that would encroach on the things of God and the people of God would be driven back. 
And so it is, that the church shall stand tall in this hour and shall stand big in this hour, and rejoice in His power and looking into the realm of time…not limited by time or space.
Yeh! I looked. I looked. I looked and saw the hearts of men and, oh, they were disturbed and perplexed. And I saw a black dark cloud rise from the eastern part of our nation, and it came out of the capital of our nation and men responded unto that darkness that arose and walked with it. And that darkness began to envelope this very land, but oh, oh, the hearts of many that know God sensed in their spirits and those of us that stand on the horizon of time shall sound forth a word of warning. 
And so there shall arise the mighty ones, those called of God, separated unto Him, and they shall make intercession and the light shall shine and drive back the darkness, the evil and wicked men shall fall. And there will be those (and remember it was told unto you in advance - It was told unto you years in advance), there shall be those in high places who will fall down dead and some shall say: “oh, they would have made such a great leader. I cannot understand.” But those who know the voice of the Spirit shall rejoice and be glad for ye shall know the dark, that darkness, has been stayed and the hand of the enemy has been defeated.
And the Word of the Lord that is to be consummated in those few short years to come will be consummated and the work of the Lord shall be done. And so that work which shall be done in this hour and the visitation of the Spirit and that revival that is about to burst upon you shall surely come to pass, and many, many, many (as the world would say hordes of) people shall be swept into the Kingdom. And even in places of this earth of seemingly uttermost darkness, the light shall shine in, and men and women shall rise up and exercise the authority that’s theirs on the earth.
For if two or three of you shall agree on earth in any nation, in any land, regardless of the government, regardless of the opposition and regardless of the darkness, if two of you on earth in North America, yes, in south America, yes, in Central America, yes, in Asia, yes, in Europe, yes, in Australia, yes, behind the Iron Curtain and any nation of the earth. If two of you shall agree as touching anything they shall ask, it shall be done for them of My Father which is in heaven, for whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. 
And remember it’s in the first heaven just above the earth where the demons and evil spirits are ruling whole nations. They must be bound (Isaiah 27:1-2). And whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and those spirits that dominate whole nations and that dominate certain corners of this earth shall be bound and the light shall shine, and the Holy Ghost shall be poured out. The revival will come and hearts and lives of men and women shall be blessed and whole nations shall be changed. 
And you shall enter into a new day, a new age – not a new age as man thinks – and you shall see that there shall be a manifestation at the end of this age, a portion, a measure of power, the glory, that shall be manifested in the age to come and you approach that time now, for these are the times of refreshing from the hand of the Lord, from the presence of the Lord and the time of giving from the hand of the Lord, and the time of manifestation by the Holy Ghost and the glory of the Lord. 
So, rejoice and be glad – let not your hearts be sad. Neither be pessimistic, but rather, you look forward to the future with optimism, with gladness and love, for the light has shined and the glory is revealed. 
Thank you, Lord Jesus. Glory to God.  
We appreciate your faithful prayers of agreement for these priority issues affecting our ministry. 

In America: 
Pray for God’s intervention to bring justice and judgment to the perpetrators of the international, coordinated effort to rig our Presidential election.  These criminals must be identified, prosecuted and imprisoned. As a country founded on the principles of democracy, America as a country is doomed to destruction if Christians and conservatives are systematically censored, maligned, persecuted and threatened. This must stop, and only God can make that happen! 

Pray that God will remove the gutless, spineless politicians that the devil has used in both political parties. We want strong, courageous, patriotic representatives at all levels of government, including the courts. 

Pray for national spiritual repentance and revival. This alone can save America from itself, and from the ungodly, who are now actively working to silence the voice of Christianity in America.  

In the Philippines:
Tax Attack. First presented to you in our August COLD WATER. As mentioned above, we are in contact with our attorneys in this matter. We’re believing for total victory, paying no taxes to anyone, and for this avenue of demonic attack to disappear forever, in Jesus’ name.

Fear Virus Issues. Agree with us that all COVID-19 hurdles are eliminated. That means all travel restrictions and quarantine requirements be lifted in all countries where we are assigned by God to go, especially the Philippines.

Ministry Income. Agree with us for steady and sufficient monthly income to run the ministry and continue all avenues of outreach without interruption. We’re feeding on God’s faithfulness (Psalms 37:3).
Road Expansion Project: The city of Ozamiz has indicated they intend to restart construction work to widen the road in front of our compound, which would damage and destroy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of our property and existing structures. Believe with us for the complete termination of this project – with no damage or destruction to compound property. Updates on this issue will be forthcoming in our March COLD WATER.  

Effective Crusade Outreach: Agree with us for maximum results from the crusades we conduct going forward, no matter what restrictions are in place to hinder us.  
Ethel and I want you to know how important you are to the on-going work of MKMI in the Philippines, and around the world. Without your faithful and generous support, we would not have been able to survive 2020 as we did. Unfortunately, it’s still more of the same now in 2021. Our travel, speaking and ministry schedules continue to be greatly disrupted, However, God is proving Himself faithful once again, working through generous partners like you. Because of this, we are in a good position financially, and expect that to be the case going forward all year long. We believe we’ll get back to the Philippines as soon as possible, to resume effective and full-scale ministry operations. But wherever we are, we know we’ve got partners like you to lean on, as we all stand in faith for complete victory over this global pandemic attack of the enemy.   

Please take note of the dates for our upcoming live streams:

Dates: February 4, 11, 25
Dates: March 4,11, 18, 25
Time: 7:30pm Arizona time, which is 10:30am Philippine time, the next day. 

Dates and times are always subject to change, per the leading of the Lord. 
Streaming schedules are also posted on the MKMI Facebook Page, under “Events”.   
At the moment, MKMI is using several social media platforms to stay in touch with you. First of all, we continue to do our weekly Facebook Live Streams. The schedule for February and March is listed in the above section. To join us live, go on Facebook and search for Mike Keyes Ministries International. That MKMI FB page also contains daily devotional teachings from me. We encourage you to follow my postings daily. Next, we have an MKMI YouTube account. To find us on YouTube, go to YT and search for Mike Keyes Ministries International.  Presently, we have over 420 YT subscribers. Our goal is to reach 1,000 - come join us and subscribe! We also have a Twitter account: @MikeKeyesSr1.
So they rose early in the morning and went out into the Wilderness of Tekoa; and as they went out, Jehoshaphat stood and said, “Hear me, O Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem: Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.” 2 Chronicles 20:20. 
It should be very encouraging to realize this prophecy from Brother Hagin - that the Lord had me insert into this month’s COLD WATER - was given in 1987. God knows the future, and from decades ago, through His Word and His prophets, has repeatedly told us how things are going to play out in the times we are now living in. Bottom line: for the Christians who know who they are in Christ, there is nothing to worry about – today, tomorrow or many years to come. Many parts of this prophecy are worthy of my commentary, but you read and study it for yourself, and let the Holy Spirit highlight portions that speak directly to you. I will point everyone to the last paragraph, because that is the summation of everything this prophecy reveals. Be glad and rejoice! Don’t be sad! Look forward to the future with optimism, gladness and love. God’s light is shining all over the world right now, even if many believers, and people in general, choose to focus on all of the evil and negativity. 
Daily Devotionals. Find them on our Mike Keyes Ministries International Facebook page. 
Read them. Learn from them. Apply them.   

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