On December 16th, a powerful typhoon (hurricane) roared over the Philippines, causing widespread destruction. We are continuing to provide financial aid and assistance to our damaged or destroyed churches as they work to rebuild. During this effort, MKMI continues to emphasize the need for crusade outreach – especially in times like these. To that end, our teams are continuing to share the gospel in
far-away places to people who are not just in need of physical assistance, but spiritual awareness as well. The truth is still the same. In good times or bad times, there is still a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. We understand that, so we’re back on the crusade trail, winning souls wherever the Holy Spirit leads us. The greatest disaster is when people die lost and go to hell. That’s far worse than any damage a typhoon like Odette could cause.  
Rain or shine, we conduct our crusades for Jesus.  
This is one of our young adults, giving the altar call to the people.  
Our team comes prepared for rainy weather up in the mountains. Here we put up tarps to give the people a place to sit and listen without getting wet.
It's amazing to see such hunger to hear the gospel. This is what we see everywhere, even in the midst of all of the hardships caused by typhoon Odette.  
Even if people can’t get in under the tarps, they stand out in the rain to hear the gospel.  
Under the tarps, or out in the rain, look at the response when we give the altar call!  
If they don’t have an umbrella, these people just cover their heads and continue to stand in the rain to hear the gospel.  
We always bless the people with food giveaways at the end of the crusade. They’re holding bags of rice, and say “thank you” for your support.  
Children’s outreach was conducted in the rain. No props or clever presentations here! Anywhere we go, they line up to listen, just like you see here.  
We appreciate your faithful prayers of agreement for these priority issues we’re dealing with now in the Philippines:  
In the Philippines:

Typhoon Odette. Extensive repair needs to be undertaken in the wake of this storm. Agree with us for basic utilities and social services to be restored as quickly as possible. Also agree with us for generous donations sent to MKMI USA, which we will wire overseas to help any of our displaced families and rebuild their homes and churches.  
Ministry Income. Agree with us for steady and sufficient monthly income to run the ministry and continue all avenues of outreach without interruption. We’re feeding on God’s faithfulness
(Psalms 37:3). We’re resuming our crusade outreaches, so your support enables us to send our teams wherever the Holy Spirit leads.  
I love Filipino children! They’re so ready to pray and receive Jesus. Your support makes it possible to reach them while they are so innocent and receptive.  
We want you to know that every dollar given towards this relief project is going directly to our people and pastors in need of that help. Not one dime or dollar is being diverted to “administrative costs”, as it is with many other humanitarian organizations. We thank you for what you’ve given and encourage you to continue with your prayers and financial generosity. We’ve raised a significant amount to help, but there are still many churches and pastors that need help rebuilding their lives and ministries. Once we receive your designated support, we’ll wire the money to our MKMI PHILIPPINES office for dissemination, per our instructions and guidance. Thank you for doing what you can to help! And remember, your gifts are always tax-deductible.  
Ethel and I want you to know how important you are to the on-going work of MKMI in the Philippines, and around the world. We are presently in a good position financially and expect that to be the case going forward into 2022. We believe we’ll get back to the Philippines as soon as possible, to resume effective and full-scale ministry operations. But wherever we are, we know we have got partners like you to lean on, as we all stand in faith for complete victory over this global pandemic attack of the enemy.  
The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise. Proverbs 11:30. 
Wisdom is the principal thing, and with all wisdom get understanding. When you do this, you will be promoted and honored (Proverbs 4:7-9). If wisdom is God’s principal thing, soul-winning is His principal thing as well, because they who win souls are declared to be wise in God’s eyes. If you want to open all of heaven’s doors for you, be a soul-winner! This is top priority with God. Always has been, and always will be. You don’t have to physically leave home and travel far away to be a soul-winner. You can do that wherever you live. You can also partner with those who are called to travel far away for Jesus. One way or the other, share your faith! 
They who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever. Daniel 12:3
When chasing the enemy who was attempting to escape, Judges 8:4 tells us that Gideon and his men were exhausted but still in pursuit. In spiritual combat today, this is a mindset that must be cultivated and protected whenever you set out to believe God and appropriate His blessings by faith. The devil will always do his best to block God’s flow of goodness in your life. He’s patient in his efforts, hoping to get you to the point where you decide to quit. As such, there will be times when exhaustion sets in, and the temptation to give up is great. It is then you must press on, stay steady and refuse to waver until you have what God has promised. In this 7-part teaching, Apostle Mike examines the need and the ways to maintain exhausted pursuit until the enemy is defeated and victory has been won.
This teaching is available in both CD discs and USB flash drives. Order yours today!  Go online at www.mkmi.org or call our Tucson office to place your order directly.  

Please take note of the dates for our upcoming live streams:

Dates: March 10, 31.

Time: 7:30pm Arizona time, which is 10:30am Philippine time, the next day. 

Dates and times are always subject to change, per the leading of the Lord. 
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Read them. Learn from them. Apply them.   

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