Dignity Letter — May 2023
Dear Friend,

In this edition of our Dignity Letter, we invite you to join us for a Collaborative Colloquium, bringing together educators from the United Nations-affiliated University for Peace in Costa Rica and the World Dignity University initiative, Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

We also hope you are encouraged by the many dignity developments shared by members of our Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS) community!

  • This Month — You're Invited to a Collaborative Colloquium on Dignity Education
  • Turning Ideas Into Action: Good News from Our Dignity Community
  • World Dignity University Initiative News: Building Bridges
  • A Musical Gift to Our Entire Community: A Dignity Anthem
  • Dignity Press Publications
  • Thanks to All of Our Sharegivers!

Please note: Rather than sending numerous Dignity Letters throughout the year, HumanDHS sends fewer, longer letters. We warmly welcome your feedback about this approach.
You Are Invited to Join Us!
For an introduction to this special colloquium, please enjoy
Stephanie Knox Steiner's
Registration is free!
WDU Globe
Join Us for a Collaborative Colloquium on Zoom!

Reimagining and Re-Enchanting Education:
A Circle of Praxis from the UN University for Peace and the World Dignity University Initiative
Tuesday, June 6, 2023, 1:00 – 3:00 PM Eastern time, Online
If we hope to create a more dignified, just, peaceful, livable world where all beings can thrive, we need to educate for it. This demands a reimagining of how we see the purpose of education, the systems and structures and learning processes we create to foster education, who we see as teachers, and where knowledge comes from and how learning happens.

In this interactive colloquium, we will hear from Stephanie Knox Steiner, Ph.D., assistant professor and coordinator of the Peace Education Master’s Program at the United Nations-affiliated University for Peace in Costa Rica. Her presentation will be followed by responses from members of the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies network, with room for audience reflection and comments to encourage continued dialogue.

This colloquium will be introduced by HumanDHS Global Advisory Board Member Philip Brown, with Board Director Janet Gerson facilitating dialogue with distinguished contributors Chief Fonkem Achankeng I, Mara Alagic, Chipamong Chowdhury, Linda Hartling, and Evelin Lindner.

You are warmly invited to join in this interactive event exploring how education may be the most promising path toward a world of mutual dignity.
Turning Ideas Into Action
A Message From
Dr. Howard Richards
I Have Seen the Promised Land

We are celebrating the visionary work of Dr. Howard Richards, recipient of the 2021 HumanDHS Lifetime Commitment Award!

In this new article, published by Live Encounters magazine, Dr. Richards describes a vital path toward economic dignity and global sustainability:

"I believe that creating more dignified livelihoods is urgent and necessary. I believe that creating more dignified livelihoods nips big trouble in the bud before it gets worse. I also believe that moving to achieve dignified livelihoods for all is inevitably to move to change the fundamental basis of today´s global economy. It gets to the heart of the matter and makes changes in the depths of hearts. It changes the basic structure of a civilization in crisis, namely the structure of buying and selling. To say that our civilization is in crisis is to say that changes need to change the basic structure of our civilization, and that is what devoting surplus to creating dignified livelihoods does." Please read more here...

Dr. Howard Richards (born June 10, 1938) is a philosopher of Social Science who has worked with the concepts of basic cultural structures and constitutive rules. He holds the title of Research Professor of Philosophy at Earlham College, a liberal arts college in Richmond, Indiana, USA, the Quaker School where he taught for thirty years. Please see below the description of Dr. Richards recent book, Economic Theory and Community Development, available through Dignity Press.
Poetry for Peace and Dignity
Celebrating the Words and Wisdom of
Francisco Gomes de Matos!
There will never be enough words in the universe to thank Francisco Gomes de Matos for his prolific linguistic gifts of inspiration to the HumanDHS community!

Francisco is a peace linguist in Recife, Brazil and co-founder of ABA Global Education, as well as the World Dignity University initiative. He was nominated for the 2021 Teacher of Peace Award by Pax Christi U.S.A. Please view his remarkable video biography here (in Portuguese).

Please see more of Francisco's ABA Global Education posters here.

Please also see Francisco's groundbreaking book, Dignity: A Multidimensional View, available from Dignity Press.
My "Econodignipoem"
Inspired by Evelin Lindner's book:

A poem is a garden of verse
Which is beautifully diverse
Sharing the warm Universe
Can there be a new kind of Poem?
Yes, there can
As a result of juxtaposition:
Dignity + Poem becomes
What makes it wisely different?
It is human character-elevating
And Humanity deeply educating
Here is one example of title
Of such creative poem:
An econodignipoem
Prioritizing economic dignity
For every community
What else?
Create dignipoems which
Can be embedded in human
Have dignifun!

Francisco Gomes de Matos
Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at Universidade
Federal de Pernambuco
ABA Global Education Co-founder
Recife, Brazil
Please join
Evelin Lindner in celebrating the birthday of
Dr. Smedslund is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the Department of Psychology at the University of Oslo in Norway and was the head of Evelin's doctoral committee. He remains her lifelong advisor and inspiration.

Please read
Dr. Smedslund's most recent article,
his son,
Geir Smedslund.
Palestinian-American business consultant and writer Sam Bahour offered this encouraging response to reading Evelin Lindner's
A Listening and Learning Journey:
Fostering Dignifying Connections in Many Directions
For many months this year, Founding President Evelin Lindner has been on a remarkable listening and learning journey, connecting with dignity leaders and communities in Jordan, Israel, and India.

She has been deeply touched by conversations with people who are enduring the dangers of living in hot spots of humiliation and global tensions, while striving for dignity in their lives every day.

Below is a sample of posters and reflections from her talks along the way.
Insights and Reflections:
Evelin Lindner

"My intuition indicates that peace in dignity can only be achieved through global institutions that make what I call 'dignism' possible:

Dignism describes a world where every newborn finds space and is nurtured to unfold their highest and best, embedded in a social context of loving appreciation and connection. A world where the carrying capacity of the planet guides the ways in which everybody’s basic needs are met. A world where we are united in building trust and respecting human dignity and celebrating diversity, where we prevent unity from devolving into oppressive uniformity and keep diversity from sliding into hostile division.

Dignism means ending cycles of humiliation of the past and preventing new ones from emerging. Dignism means loving care for the common good of all of humanity as co-inhabitants of one single finite habitat. Dignism weaves together all dignifying aspects of all the world’s cultural realms into one decent global village."

To see more pictures and notes from Evelin's journey, please click here.
Can Human Rights Law Protect Against Humiliation?
Psychology Today Article Recognizes the Work of HumanDHS
In a recent post in Psychology Today, Deepa Kansra, Ph.D., observes:

"Humiliation has emerged as a key concept in studies on human dignity, modern slavery, terrorism, immigration, war, conflict, etc. The attention has allowed stakeholders to understand experiences of humiliation and their impact and to make meaningful interventions to prevent harm. The group Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, for instance, is one such network working toward “advancing research, education, and interventions to end humiliating practices and promote human dignity around the world." Please read more here...
Please also see Peter Coleman's video from the our World Dignity University workshop (see more below).
Political Courage Challenge Series Is Featured in Time Magazine
Articles by Peter Coleman
We are celebrating Peter Coleman's important series of articles recently published by Time magazine. The articles focus on what research tells us about how we can cope with political conflict in our everyday lives:

"The truth is, for decades now, America has shown rampant spikes in political obstructionism,
incivility, tribalism, distrust in one another and our institutions, and support for political violence...

But most of us (upwards of 67%) are actually tired of division. We want peace in our families, calm in our communities, and unity in America. If you’re one of them, you are part of a vast majority of your fellow Americans. The good news is that there is hope, and you have a powerful role to play."

To read more, please click on the following links:

To learn more about Peter Coleman's work, please read his book: The Way Out.
We Love Sharing News From Our Dignity Community!

We are always happy to hear dignity news, even when we can't include everything in this Dignity Letter. If you would like to share your dignity news — positive progress, courageous action, promising practices, and alike — we warmly invite you to send it to our attention: humandhs@humiliationstudies.org.
World Dignity University Initiative: Building Bridges
Message from Director David Yamada:

Our December workshop was an important springboard for exploring promising possibilities for realizing our initiative, the World Dignity University (WDUi).

One outgrowth of the workshop is our upcoming WDUi Colloquium with the United Nations-affiliated University of Peace on June 6th, 2023 (see above). This event is one example of how we can create institutional partnerships that put dignity at the heart of learning. We hope you can join us for this upcoming event!
Recently, I was the co-organizer of a workshop on therapeutic jurisprudence (TJ), featuring nine presentations on various aspects of law and psychology, held at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) School of Law in San Juan. UPR happens to be the home institution of Prof. David Wexler, a co-founder of TJ, which is a multidisciplinary school of theory and practice that examines the therapeutic and anti-therapeutic properties of law, legal processes, and legal institutions. This event was another example of bringing dignity into the heart of learning and constructive collaboration in the world.
WDU Globe

How does the World Dignity University initiative work?

The work of the WDUi grows organically and incrementally, at what we call the "speed of dignity." This means, in contrast to the market-driven competitive pressures of today's higher education systems, the WDUi strives to realize a "go-slow" approach, creating space for deep reflection and thoughtful collaborations that honors the personal and professional responsibilities of all involved. This is part of our efforts to learn our way to a new future of dignity!
Please enjoy the following videos from our
"For People and the Planet, Learning for a Future of Dignity"
December 2023
Non-Degree Higher and Adult Education to Advance Human Dignity

WDUi Director David Yamada facilitated a "workshop within a workshop" exploring a wide range of online learning platforms, igniting conversations for continued WDUi collaborations.
Rediscovering the Wonders of Learning Through Dignity

HumanDHS Board Director Michael Britton offered an inspirational message highlighting how "deep listening leads to deep learning," opening new pathways to "learn our way into a new future."
The Way Out of Toxic Polarization

Peter Coleman, director of the Morton Deutsch-International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (MD-ICCCR), introduced his multifaceted approach to overcoming toxic polarization, described in his book The Way Out.
WDUi Forums
WDUi Forum — Our electronic forum platform is designed to invite ongoing participation in conversations about learning and higher education. We would love to have leaders from our community host more conversations on this platform and invite others to join in. If you would like to register to use the Forum, please go here.
A Musical Gift to Our Entire Community!
The Dignity Anthem
by Michael Boyer
This amazing Dignity Anthem was kindly created by Michael Boyer. Michael is a creative artist who is a member of the Dignity Now group in the city of Hamelin in Germany. He hopes the song will inspire more adaptations and translations. Michael has generated a spectrum of social media channels with his Digniworld initiative since 2019.
Dignity Press Publications
Dignity Press books explore the dynamics of human dignity and humiliation from diverse standpoints and global perspectives. Contributing authors are from all over the world. In addition to the books below, we invite you to visit dignitypress.org for a complete list of publications.
Now Available in Print and Digital!
Economic Theory and Community Development: Why Putting Community First Is Essential to Our Survival
Congratulations to Howard Richards, with assistance from Gavin Andersson, on his new book that is now globally available in print and digital form!

HumanDHS Board Director Michael Britton celebrates the publication of this book, stating: "The book not only walks us through economics, it is a walk up the mount to transformative vision, transformative for readers and for the world as it is." Please read more. This book can be ordered through Dignity Press.
Coming Soon!
From Humiliation to Dignity:
For a Future of Global Solidarity
Even as we watch cascading crises unfold around the world, our shared hope is for an exponential change of heart so that global unity — rooted in respect for diversity — becomes possible.

Evelin Lindner's soon to be released book asks the question: How must we, humankind, arrange our affairs on this planet so that dignified life will be possible in the long term? We invite you to read a downloadable preview of this book. Please also visit the Dignity Press website for its upcoming release.
Dignifunding: Thanks to All of Our Sharegivers!
Thank You illustration word cloud in different languages
We are grateful to all who sustain HumanDHS with action gifts and economic support!

HumanDHS does not have a paid staff, administrative assistance, or IT services. We are an "extreme, lean, green, but not mean" community, essentially a "do-it-together-with-dignity" community. We do not charge registration fees for events, yet we appreciate thoughtful contributions (according to one's ability).

If you would like to contribute, we warmly welcome your kind support:
Wishing You a World of Dignity!
Evelin Lindner, MD, PhDs, Founding President
Linda Hartling, PhD, Director
David Yamada, PhD, Director, WDUi
Uli Spalthoff, PhD, Director of Project Development and Systems Administration 
Michael Britton, EdD, PhD, Board Member 
Richard Slaven, PhD, Director of Dignifunding
Jane Hilken, MA, Publication Advisor
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