The HumanDHS Board of Directors and guests met on December 4th, 2019, to share " Good News" from the past year and to explore new possibilities for the upcoming year.

Rick Slaven, our treasured director of Dignifunding, reported that we had another successful year of practicing our "extreme lean, green, but not mean" approach to funding our community's efforts. Our approach allows HumanDHS to maintain a uniquely warm relational-organizational climate in which finances support — rather than lead — the development of our conferences and global collaborations.

New Initiative!

Over the years, many members have encouraged HumanDHS to establish an easy way to provide stable, ongoing economic support to Evelin Lindner. Most know that she does not have a salary or fixed income to support her dignity work. Amazingly, she lives on extraordinarily modest resources, typically spontaneous gifts from loving friends and supporters.

In appreciation of those who would like to do more to support Evelin, we have established a secure Paypal link for HumanDHS members. This is an ideal way for anyone to contribute a small monthly donation to encourage Evelin's endeavors on behalf of cultivating greater dignity in the world. For example, these gifts would make it possible for Evelin to replace her computer — urgently needed — and help offset her monthly expenses.

We kindly invite you to try out this new initiative ( link) and send us your thoughts: