April 10, 2024

BCHD Looks at Funding Options for

Healthy Living Campus

Since 2018, Beach Cities Health District has projected reductions in revenue due to the deterioration and subsequent increase in maintenance costs for our 63-year-old former hospital building. Now is our window of opportunity to address the seismic and structural issues common to buildings constructed in the 1950's and 60's.


In anticipation of the projected loss in revenue, BCHD began plans for the Healthy Living Campus project. The Healthy Living Campus is intended to modernize BCHD's facilities, deliver innovative health programming, and help the District generate revenue to continue to provide its health-related programs and services for the community for many years. 

Today, BCHD continues to review and analyze financing options to fund the Healthy Living Campus project.

Some of the financing strategies considered include: 

  • Equity: Cash, property, sale of real estate holdings 
  • Debt Financing: Municipal Bonds, Private Lenders 
  • Public Private Partnerships (P3): Investors, operators, health partnerships (BCHD has extended its due diligence period with WRC PMB Redondo Beach through December)
  • New Revenue Sources: Grants, philanthropy, sponsorships (including naming opportunities), new programming and general obligation bond(s) 
  • Other: Ground lease, joint venture, general obligation bonds 

Now, BCHD will be exploring a potential $30 million general obligation bond, tentatively called the "Beach Cities Health District Community Health & Wellness Measure," to: 

  • Safely demolish the old South Bay Hospital building, which was built in the late 1950s. It does not meet current seismic construction standards.  
  • Replace the building with approximately two acres of open space that will be used for outdoor health and wellness programs.   
  • Complete a youth mental health center, allcove Beach Cities, allowing the District to provide mental health services to young people. Funding will enable the upgrading of the facility with environmental and sustainability best practices. 

BCHD will engage with residents about this potential measure, input that will help determine future steps for the Healthy Living Campus project.

UPDATE: The City of Redondo Beach extended the deadline for public comments on its draft General Plan update to Monday, April 15, 2024. More information on the General Plan update and how it could impact Beach Cities Health District - and the residents we serve - is below:

Reminder - You can help safeguard & preserve our Public Spaces

Dear Beach Cities Resident,


In its General Plan update, the City of Redondo Beach is considering a reduction in how much can be built on public property – a change that would not allow full development of Phase 1 of the Healthy Living Campus or any development of Phase II (Community Wellness Pavilion, Aquatic Center, Center for Health & Fitness). If approved, this would significantly limit our ability to modernize our campus and compromise BCHD's ability to provide preventive health services to the community.

In planning jargon, the draft Focused General Plan Update includes a maximum Floor Area Ratio (FAR) – calculated by dividing the gross floor area of a building by the total lot size – at BCHD’s campus at 514 N. Prospect Avenue in Redondo Beach. The change would set a 0.75 FAR on BCHD’s campus while allowing a 1.25 FAR for other public or institutional land use designations.

The FAR cap would be disparate treatment between the City and BCHD. The City is carving out an exception for their Center of Operations, but not allowing BCHD to do the same. Such a cap would be a devastating blow to BCHD's plans for the future.

As this action would directly impact BCHD’s ability to meet the health needs of residents in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, we invite you to actively engage and participate in the public process for the City of Redondo Beach’s draft Focused General Plan Update.  



Your voice matters, and we encourage you to get involved:

  • Comment on the draft General Plan: https://redondo.konveio.com/focused-general-plan-update#page=35 (The FAR change affecting BCHD can be found in the Land Use Element section, page 2-11 (p. 35 of the full document) under "Public/ Institutional/Open Space.") Click anywhere in the document to add a comment. The City extended its deadline and is accepting comments through April 15, 2024.


Building a Healthier Future

To learn more about the Healthy Living Campus, please visit our website at www.bchdcampus.org.

The BCHD Team

In the News: BCHD campus plan at risk by zoning fracas

The Easy Reader ran a story by Garth Meyer last week titled "BCHD campus plan at risk by zoning fracas," detailing the issues regarding the proposed floor area ratio (FAR) cap on BCHD and other public lands.

Click Here to read the Easy Reader story

BCHD's Healthy Living Campus: Building the Future Home of Youth Mental Health

Groundbreaking expected Fall 2024

The Healthy Living Campus project continues to move forward, transforming the 63-year-old Beach Cities Health District campus in Redondo Beach. In December 2023, BCHD and the City of Redondo Beach put the finishing touches on the Diamond Street Bike Path project, a precursor to the Healthy Living Campus, which will get underway later this year with the groundbreaking for the permanent home of allcove Beach Cities. 

The new campus will provide one of the area’s only youth wellness centers specifically focused on the mental health of young people, allcove Beach Cities. The allcove facility will be built at the SW corner of Beryl Street and Flagler Lane, on land owned by BCHD. The next steps for allcove Beach Cities include the selection of a Progressive Design Build team, with groundbreaking for fall 2024. 

Phase I of the campus also includes acres of green space; a unique all-inclusive out-patient facility for older adults that includes medical care, and residential care facilities for the elderly. Phase II includes a Community Wellness Pavilion, aquatics and the Center for Health & Fitness.

About allcove Beach Cities

allcove Beach Cities is part of an innovative network of integrated youth mental health centers for young people ages 12 to 25 with mild to moderate needs across California. The centers provide a unique space designed with, by and for youth that reduce stigma, embrace mental wellness and increase community connection. Anchored in a model from Stanford University’s Center for Youth Mental Health & Wellbeing, allcove Beach Cities is a space to take a moment of pause and access a range of services including, mental health, physical health, substance use, peer support, family support, and supported education and employment.

Since allcove Beach Cities opened in a temporary location on BCHD’s campus in November 2022, there have been more than 5,500 visits by young people ages 12-25.

Last year, BCHD was awarded $6.3 million in grant funding from the California Department of Health Care Services’ (DHCS) Behavioral Health Continuum Infrastructure Program (BHCIP). This statewide program supports behavioral health infrastructure projects, providing new opportunities to address gaps in mental health services.

This grant is specifically for the new construction of allcove Beach Cities, which serves young people ages 12-25 in Los Angeles County’s Service Planning Area (SPA) 8.

Young People and Sustainability at the Forefront

allcove Youth Advisory Group members – 21 young people ages 16-25 from the greater South Bay – are guiding the decision-making for the permanent location of allcove Beach Cities and have emphasized the importance of sustainable and environmentally friendly building practices.

The project team is looking to minimize the environmental and health impacts through:

  • Energy-efficient systems in heating and cooling
  • Electric vehicle parking for both cars and bicycles, and use of electric vehicles during construction
  • Connectivity with transit corridors
  • Modular construction to decrease neighborhood impacts
  • Solar and batteries for community resiliency hub
  • Water management and reclamation
  • Sustainable materials and resources
  • Pursuit of LEED and WELL certification

Other amenities in the permanent location will include:

  • “the cove,” a community gathering space for young people to find social support and participate in events including music, art and life skills, plus quiet spaces to study or relax with support around them
  • Ten chat rooms for therapy, meeting with a physician or wellness programming, and available to young people for group projects or study
  • “the pantry,” a free all-access snack station for young people to refuel with youth-selected snacks
  • “South Bay Café,” an in-house coffeeshop which will also offer an employment training program for young people
  • “the hub” meeting space for youth, family and wellness programming

allcove Facility Guiding Principles

* Designed for a moment of pause * Space as therapy

* People are the experience * Options are essential

Keeping Older Adults in Our Beach Community

Open Space

Take a virtual tour of Open Space on the Healthy Living Campus.

In the heart of the campus is approximately two acres of open space. This area has been made a priority for the Healthy Living Campus after feedback from the community and our Community Working Group.

Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

PACE is a Medicare and Medicaid program that helps people meet their healthcare needs while aging gracefully in their home/community instead of moving into a nursing home or other care facility.

Older adults looking to age in place in their homes will benefit from a PACE facility, expected to be the next component of the Healthy Living Campus, after allcove Beach Cities.

Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE)

A Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) currently exists on the campus (Silverado) with a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). BCHD's campus is home to approximately 120 people living with dementia who receive specialized care.

RCFE is a critical health need considering 61 million Baby Boomers (born 1946 - 1964) will be at least 66 years old by 2030.

Learn More About the Campus

Healthy Living Campus Facts

Beach Cities Health District has been working closely with the community since 2017 to reimagine our medical campus – home to our 63-year-old former hospital building located at 514 North Prospect Avenue in Redondo Beach – into a Healthy Living Campus for all ages. Since May 2017, BCHD has held more than 60 meetings, drawing more than 1,000 comments regarding the modernization of its property.

For accurate information regarding the Healthy Living Campus project, visit https://www.bchdcampus.org/.

extending from Diamond to Beryl and Prospect to Flagler
and former hospital site does not currently meet tenant needs and is in need of a seismic upgrade

acres of active green space in Campus Plan

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Hybrid BCHD Board Meeting

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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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