Dear Members,

The goal of the PBA scholarship is to support Member education goals and to encourage the pursuit of formal education. Formal education includes trade certification, specialized training and of course, college. There will be two annual scholarships awarded in the amount of $1,000 each. 

Criteria for Eligibility:

Those eligible to apply for scholarships are employees or the dependent children of employees for Members who own and operate buses. The eligible employee must be employed for at least one year, by January 1, for the 2024 Scholarship award. 

Those eligible to apply must already be registered to a full-time college, professional school, or trade school at the time of application. They must also hold a minimum GPA of 3.0 or, if a professional school, the equivalent of a B grade.

Application and Selection:

Fundraising started last year and the first scholarship will be awarded at PBA’s 2024 Annual Conference. The PBA Executive Committee will accept applications between January 1 and April 30 annually. 

The winning nominees will be invited to the Conference. While they may not be able to be present, a representative from the member company will need to be present to receive the scholarship.

The Executive Committee is comprised of the Board of Director Officers, the Immediate Past President and two (2) Chair Appointees. Our Executive Director will be the point-of-contact for questions and submission of applications.

The winners or the parents of the winners must still be employed at the time the winners are selected.

Thank you,
Patricia Cowley 
Executive Director 
Telephone: 717-236-9042 
Email:  director@pabus.org 
Website: www.pabus.org
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