COVID Protocol Update
How wonderful it was to celebrate Easter in-person after two loooooong years!

Dayspring has sought to offer a safe environment throughout the pandemic. For sixteen months, the church “left the building” and found creative ways to be in ministry online, by telephone, and through prayer. Last June, we resumed in-person Sunday Celebrations and various small groups (even while maintaining a robust online presence). The choirs restarted in September, taking a couple-month hiatus after Christmas with the omicron surge. All the while, we’ve required masks indoors along with social distancing, and urged everyone to get vaccinated and boosted. The Dayspring community showed loving kindness by adopting these measures to help keep the virus at bay and protect especially the most vulnerable among us, including the children.

Given the high vaccination rate in Tempe and the low incidence of Covid-19 infections in the county, there is broad consensus among our leadership and Covid Task Force that it is time to make masks optional but encouraged indoors. Recognizing that we are still amid a pandemic, we will keep a close eye on our state’s metrics and will notify you of any changes. This new protocol becomes effective immediately.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and graciousness as we continue to uphold the well-being and dignity of all as we strive to make God’s world more peaceful, just, compassionate, and inclusive!