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Here’s the thing about in-demand careers: they are always changing. That’s why the campus of EHOVE Career Center, a leading career technical school in Milan, Ohio offering advanced training for high school and adult students, likewise seems to be ever evolving. EHOVE was founded in 1968 to serve students in Erie, Huron and Ottawa Counties, and they haven’t stood still since. Visitors to campus may still be reveling in EHOVE’s 2014 66,700 sq.ft. renovation project that comprehensively updated their Adult Education Center and Science and Technology labs, classrooms, and study spaces. In the 5 years since then, EHOVE has kept busy with enrichments of curriculum, faculty, and offered programs. 
Fast Facts
  • 900+ sophomores, juniors & seniors from 16 partner school districts
  • EHOVE's Robotics Team Mavericks #2252 is the "house team" of NASA Plum Brook
  • 3,000+ adults served through 18 occupational programs, customized training, and dozens of career enhancement and special interest classes
  • $13M investment along with significant savings by switching to LED lighting, energy-efficient electronics and equipment, and HVAC renovations
The goal is preparation for in-demand careers and higher education, and that requires up-to-date learning environments. So, with rising enrollment in both high school and adult education, EHOVE has embarked on another revision, a $13 million renovation and construction project to enhance and expand its services for students, local businesses, and the community. This project will involve 37,050 sq.ft. of new space and 16,400 sq.ft. renovated. There’s much to be excited about in these updates of the north area of campus, but two themes you’ll see throughout: 
A focus on the student experience: As Superintendent McCully points out, EHOVE is school of choice for both its high school and adult students. While local, it’s not your neighborhood school, and high school students elect to enroll their sophomore, junior or senior year. For that reason, it's important that the EHOVE environment is student-friendly and that students immediately see the connection between their choice to enroll and their future careers and education. Peer connections and comfortable spaces are a big part of being student-friendly, and you can see EHOVE’s investment in this idea with a new cafeteria and library and media center – welcoming spaces for friends to connect and students to study. A key feature of the new cafeteria is a 9' x 22' sculpture of the word EHOVE (made by an EHOVE alum at Ahner Industrial), a visible monument to the purpose and pride that brings their students to campus (and very Instagrammable). 
A micro “real-world” : Whether an adult or high school student, EHOVE is designed to challenge students with academic courses that incorporate real world experiences and technologies. The most recent facility renovations will touch three core program areas that do just that. Safety service programs (fire fighter/EMT, paramedics, criminal justice) will benefit from new additions and capacity for their action-based scenario training – like an on-site facility for live burn training. The Culinary Arts program will have a new instructional lab and a renovated restaurant where students practice real service at the Young Chef’s Inn. The Early Childhood Education and Teacher Academy programs will have new classroom space alongside the new preschool where they work with local youth. Two things you’re guaranteed to find across EHOVE’s campus are community services (ever tried the Fab Lab, COS Salon, or Auto Tech?) and engaging education. 
New construction, revamped programs, and a whole lot of change can be difficult to keep up with, which might be why Superintendent McCully says quality staff and students are what he’s proudest of throughout this project. It is McCully’s first year on the job and a real “willingness to do what it takes” has already been evident. Among adult students, you’ll find people of all ages balancing the demands of education and personal responsibilities - mothers, fathers, and people working and training to move into their second career. Among high schoolers, there’s an attitude of try and try again. A common misconception of career technical education is that all high school students are graduating bound to a career in their field of study. In reality, about half of EHOVE students are graduating to join the workforce or military (with pertinent skills-based training), and half are headed onto college (often through articulation agreements with local institutions like BGSU Firelands, Terra State, or North Central) - all have learned something about what they may or may not be passionate about and capable of. Revamped, quality facilities will all be open for business in 2020 to support and engage this dedicated group of staff and students.     
New facilities are set to be fully completed by Fall of 2020
Did You Know?
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