Sandusky Packaging
Responsible Growth from Family-Owned Manufacturers
Founded in 1965, Sandusky Packaging Corporation (SPC) is a family-owned manufacturer of folding cartons. Located on George St (also known as 101 near the Route 6 intersection), SPC supplies their paperboard cartons to the food, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries. That significant and diverse customer base is what kept them operating as an essential business throughout the pandemic. But it's their commitment to quality, speed, technology, customer service, and sustainability that's kept them growing.

SPC's commitment to growth is evidenced by their more than $4 million of reinvestment into the company over the last two years. The company continually invests to ensure that the state of the art manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest hardware and software in graphics, design, and printing. Major capital investors have included the purchase of a "Marquip Hawk Sheeter" and a "KBA Rapida 106" printer, pictured here.
All of this is supplemented with the latest CAD programming and experienced graphic designers on staff to ensure folding carton solutions that hold up to the wear and tear of shipping and shelving. Attention to these kinds of details allows SPC to achieve industry certifications for stringent printing tolerances. Certifications like these enable them to run high profile customers such as Walgreen and CVS.
Fast Facts
  • 46 dedicated employees that enabled double-digit growth even throughout the pandemic
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Certified - sourcing at least 2/3 of inputs from Certified Sourcing
  • Over 66% of paper and paper-based packaging in the U.S. is recycled into new products
Pursuit of high profile customers and entrance into new markets such as cosmetics requires sophistication in every step of the process. In 2020, SPC chose to invest in upgrades to the exterior of their facility, improving their curb appeal and matching the modern and contemporary nature of their operation with a modern and contemporary exterior. ECEDC worked with Sandusky Packaging and Team NEO to secure a JobsOhio Inclusion Grant to support a portion of the cost of paving their formerly stone parking lot. This facility improvement will enable SPC to continue to grow and work towards their short term and long term expansion plans for building additions and capital investments. SPC credits their growth to the commitment of their 46 employees.
SPC's ability to manage growth and reinvest in the company is impressive. Just as impressive is the manner in which they've done it. Take a look at any portion of the SPC's operation, and you'll see, SPC's "future is rooted in its love of the planet". As important as their company growth is their legacy of prioritizing sustainability of the products they make. Paperboard, the primary raw material used in SPC products, is a 100% renewable and a commonly-recycled resource. SPC focuses on optimizing fiber yield and efficient use of all natural resources, in support of their circular economy principles. Their customers partner with them to make a greener world.  

Taking their commitment to sustainability even further, each spring SPC runs the TICCIT program (Trees into Cartons, Cartons into Trees, pronounced "ticket"). Through this program, Sandusky Packaging Corporation donates an in-house manufactured carton and Colorado Blue Spruce Sapling to students at local schools in celebration of Earth Day. Students are introduced to the benefits of recycling, they make paper in the classroom, and learn the main reasons why trees are so important to the environment. Each student is given a sapling along with soil, and instructed how to plant the sapling in a paperboard box. The students are encouraged to take the saplings home and plant both the sapling and the box (which biodegrades over time) in their backyard. 
It's an honor that this family-owned Corporation, with its commitment to sustainability calls Erie County home and continues to invest here. Thank you Sandusky Packaging and congratulations to you and your employees on your recent growth.
Did You Know?
Business Development is ECEDC's top organizational priority. By being immersed in the economic development ecosystem and conducting proactive outreach to local businesses, ECEDC links companies with the programs that are right for them. A twenty minute conversation with leaders at Sandusky Packaging enabled our team to connect them with Team NEO and secure a JobsOhio Inclusion Grant. This program didn't even exist one year ago, and Sandusky packaging was one of the first businesses in the state to complete the process. Contact us to learn what programs might be a good fit for your business.
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