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March 2019
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It has been a few months since we checked in with you.  We hope that you're getting ready for the summer to hit and out door parties!

In this issue we present a product that has been used for many years by ESP, tell you what David is up to and provide tips for exciting new dishes that are quick and easy dinners.

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Monthly special:   
Crystal clean.  Please call the order in to the office to get 20% off. 
(32 oz RTU-32 oz concentrate-Gallon concentrate)

We can ship it to you or if you can wait, David can drop it off when he is in the area doing quotes.

  • The Perfect Daily Cleaner for Polished Stone and Tile Surfaces
  • Removes Dirt and Grime While Protecting Your Stone
  • Neutral Ph Formula Is Ideal for Daily Use
  • Fast Drying No Rinse Formula Leaves No Residue or Water Spots
  • No Scrubbing, No Rinsing, No Streaking

To learn more, contact  Dave The Marble Guy

Industry News

There is a lot of problems contractors installing floors and walls these days. I find every week problems with tile and stone installations.
Hear is a great video from The National Tile Contractors association. This is the best information you can get on the proper setting methods and all
of the mistakes hopefully your contractor does not make.

This video is about 7 years old but it will show you the quarrying process and lots of information on natural stone. Most homeowners never get to see this p
art of the industry. This is pretty cool.

The Best Gift is the Gift of Knowledge

David enjoys sharing his knowledge of natural stones. His next project is to make a video in Spanish for cleaning companies to use to train their staffs on properly cleaning natural stone in homes and businesses.
Here are some links to educational information from the MIA/Natural Stone Institute. Enjoy!

This Months Recipe:

Southwestern Stuffed Mushrooms Are a March Madness Slam Dunk!


-18 Baby Bella Mushrooms
-1 tsp olive oil
-1 clove of garlic, minced
-2 tbsp red bell pepper, diced
-2 tbsp canned black beans, drained
-.25 cup brown rice, cooked
-1 tbsp minced cilantro
-2 tbsp salsa
-2 tbsp jack cheese, shredded, plus for topping
-vegetable oil spray, as needed

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