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  March 2018
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It has been a few months since we checked in with you.  We hope that you enjoyed the holiday season and your new year is off to a fantastic beginning.
In this issue we present a product that has been used for many years by ESP, tell you what David is up to and provide tips for warm dinners on busy winter evenings.

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David Bonasera
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Use the stone you want - TuffSkin
Featured Product:

Tuff Skin
David has been applying TuffSkin for many years now and with great success.   Our clients are satisfied with the results.

Many  home owners are are using marble when remodeling their homes. This is a great way to protect your investment.  No more staining or etching.  

TuffSkin comes with a Limited 2 Year Warranty Click here to view

To learn more, contact Dave the Marble Guy or check out the website for the TuffSkin manufacturer. 

Industry News

David recently attended the Surfaces/Stone Expo in Las Vegas, where he has also been a speaker for the past 16 years. It was a great show and conference.  
David was very busy at the Expo this year. He sat on the MIA/Natural Stone Institute TEC committee. Along with several other contractors, he worked on the MIA/Natural Stone Institute Design Manual. He collaborated on four sections, including the Trouble Shooting section, along with Greg Mowat and John Keossler. The Trouble Shooting section is now the most comprehensive for educational information on natural stone.
Click here to view the PDF of an excerpt of the manual
The Best Gift is the Gift of Knowledge

David enjoys sharing his knowledge of natural stones. His next project is to make a video in Spanish for cleaning companies to use to train their staffs on properly cleaning natural stone in homes and businesses.
Here are some links to educational information from the MIA/Natural Stone Institute. Enjoy!

This  Month's Recipe

Living in the Bay Area  sometimes life can get the best of you and time to cook is not always available.  Slow cooking is a good way to have a delicious meal ready when you come home after a long, busy day.   David thinks you will enjoy these great tips for slow cooker prep, cooking and maintenance.

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