June 13, 2024

MiDataHub 2nd Annual Users Conference

  • When: October 14-15, 2024
  • Location: Shanty Creek in Bellaire, Michigan
  • Who Should Attend: Superintendents, Technology Directors, SIS Administrators and Support Staff
  • Call for Presenters: Now Available
  • Conference Website

Michigan DataHub’s Upcoming Upgrade to Ed-Fi v6.2

Michigan DataHub is preparing for an upgrade to Ed-Fi version 6.2. This significant update coming in July, will keep our systems aligned with the latest Ed-Fi features, streamline our data structures by removing some Michigan-specific extensions, and support future growth and development. Upgrading to this newer data standard ensures our systems are up-to-date with the latest capabilities, positioning Michigan DataHub for ongoing enhancements and improvements.   

What to Expect:

  • Following the upgrade to Ed-Fi v6.2, Michigan DataHub will set up the 24-25 Operational Data Store (ODS) for each district. Once the upgrade is live, you will be able to select the 24-25 school year from the dropdown menu in the Cockpit. 
  • If you have already created the 24-25 ODS, your existing setup will be carried over. 

What You Can Do:

  • After the school year is closed out for the current school year (2023-24), please ensure you turn off transactions in your Student Information System (SIS). 
  • Be on the lookout for communication from your SIS vendor regarding their version release plans, particularly those involving updates to Ed-Fi v6.2.

This upgrade represents an important step forward for Michigan DataHub and its participating districts. We appreciate your cooperation and are here to support you throughout this transition. Please stay tuned for further details.  

ROI Study Webinar

ROI Study 2.0 Reminder

Last month MiDataHub sent out a request for inventory and survey data for an ROI Study that is underway. As of today, many districts have not yet completed the information (please see the ROI Study Survey and Inventory Status tab of our ISD and District Status Update sheet) to check the status of the district(s) you work with. If your district doesn't have a green Y in the Survey Complete column (Column F) and/or the Inventory Complete column (Column G), we would very much appreciate it if you or someone from your district could provide that information for us by June 15, 2024. As a reminder, the steps to provide that information are below:


1.  Complete the ROI Study Survey to provide information about your district.

2.  Complete/Update the Systems and Integrations inventories for your district in the Data Cockpit application. (see Inventory System Overview - approx. 9-minute video walkthrough)


To assist districts with the above tasks, an ROI Study 2.0 webinar was held Tuesday, April 30, 2024. The webinar provided a walkthrough of both the survey and the Systems and Integration inventory in the MiDataHub cockpit application. The session was recorded, and the direct links to the webinar recording and slide deck are below:

·     Webinar

·     Slide Deck

Please email Don Dailey directly at ddailey@gomiasa.org with any questions.

Job Posting

The Michigan Data Hub is looking to fill a new Senior Developer and Systems Analyst role. If you're interested in this opportunity, please apply online through the following link: Kalamazoo Regional Educational Services Agency - Senior Developer and Systems Analyst – MiDataHub 

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