"The movement which interests us in connection with out spiritual-scientific point of view, and which we may call an extraordinarily dangerous error in a certain sense, is the movement known in the external world as Jesuitism. In Jesuitism we encounter a dangerous exaggeration of the Jesus-Principle."
                                                                                                 Rudolf Steiner GA 131
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Are there Jesuit Spies in Anthroposophy?

The fear of Jesuits and Freemasons in Anthroposophy has plagued the society since Rudolf Steiner's day.  Many who don't know much about Jesuits or Freemasons may believe that they are powerful black magicians and warlocks in organizations that work tirelessly to subvert and destroy the spiritual efforts of humanity and the hierarchy. 
    Even H. P. Blavatsky despised the Jesuits and writes in Isis Unveiled, "That crafty, learned, conscienceless, terrible soul of Jesuitism, within the body of Romanism, is slowly but surely possessing itself of the whole prestige and spiritual power that clings to it. The cry of an outraged public morality was raised against this Order from its very birth." 
    She also points out that Jesuits and Freemasons work together even though from the outside it appears otherwise. Is this fear of Jesuits well founded?  Were there Jesuit spies in Steiner's time and do they still have an interest in Anthroposophy in our time?
      I can answer these questions directly: Yes, there were and still are Jesuit spies in Anthroposophy. 
      I know this, because I was a Jesuit and I worked with well-known Anthroposophists that were Jesuits as well. 
     I was also a Freemason and by firsthand experience know its link to the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).
     But at the time I was infiltrating anthroposophical communities around the world on behalf of my mission with the Society of Jesus, I had no idea that Blavatsky's indications about the Jesuits would come to pass "with a passion." Yes, Jesuits can be evil. Blavatsky says in the Secret Doctrine that not all black magicians are Jesuits, "just the good ones." By "good ones" she means effective ones.

What you can do when 
you have all the power in the world.

The Vatican is a corporation, a religion, and a country
So is it any wonder why they can get away with this? 

  March 10, 2016

Keep Waking Up!!!

We know it is hard to wake up after such a deep sleep in the materialistic world, but aren't you ready for the nightmares, the wars, the financial struggles, and fear-doubt-hatred to end? 

If anthroposophists and spiritual researchers cannot look at the ahrimanic beast in our world and see him, his minions, and machinations for what they are, then who can? We urge you to do your own research, just as we have. But to get you started, please read the posts in this newsletter and share with others. 


Ahrimanic Spiritual Apparitions 
Brought to you by the 
U.S. Bureau of Broadcast Governors

Look up! The sky really is falling. Every chemtrail drops elemental residue and launches airborne metallic particles that rise up into the higher atmospheres. The National Weather Service let that slip recently. There are three parts to this effort: 1) heavy metal poisons drop down on humans as an experiment, 2) sun-blocking metallic flakes warm the earth to help the official agenda of climate change, and 3) metallic aerosols that are lighter than air rise up into the atmosphere. All three strategies were secret, but have been disclosed in reliable independent news sources. 
Most amateur chemtrail researchers, like myself, know the first two effects of spraying the atmosphere, but you have to dig a little deeper into your individual research to figure out the third which has many sinister aspects. When you combine the HARP antennae array with its powerful broadcasting station that can broadcast virtually any frequency from extremely low to microwave and beyond, you can light up the metallic flakes in the atmosphere with broadcast waves of many types. 
Do you own research and you will discover that HARP has the capacity to project holographic images and EEG brain-scan images as "narrative networks" directly into the human skull through transcranial direct induction. Other "brain images and sounds" can be wirelessly broadcast by the cell tower network that covers America. Recent research funded by DARPA and In-Q-Tel (NSA and CIA) on narrative networks demonstrates that these systems are already fully functional in the Department of Defense. 
And guess what our government, using our tax money, found out to be the most powerful ability to shape perception management? 
Religious and sacred imagery and stories.

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Laws Now Permit Government to Use  Propaganda  against US Citizens

Did you know that propaganda against citizens of the US is now legal and that false flag events are being used against you? If you reject this idea wholesale and aren't even willing to investigate, then your brainwashing has probably worked effectively!

And if you are one of our readers outside of the U.S., don't think you are immune to legal propaganda in your own country. Click below to learn how this works:

Ahriman and the Occult Annihilation of the Soul

Please download and share this free e-book on what Rudolf Steiner had to say about the appearance of Ahriman in the 21st century? Included are the most important passages Steiner had to say about the coming of  Ahriman. This makes an excellent study group book for anthroposophists.  

How can sigils help increase 
resonance in my environment?

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Third Force, click below to learn how the sigils and Qube use these principals to create harmonious resonance in your environment. 


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Children, by nature, are keen, passionate and curious. What was referred to as laziness is often merely an awakening of sensitivity, a psychological inability to submit to certain absurd duties, and a natural result of the distorted, unbalanced education given to them. This laziness, which leads to an insuperable reluctance to learn, is, contrary to appearances, sometimes proof of intellectual superiority and a condemnation of the teacher.                                                
                                                                                 Octave Mirbeau 

The video below shows how Ahriman is unfolding in the world
It is about an hour long and worth the time. 
Relax in your 3D chair and enjoy a 5D point of view.


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Caution: Do not draw your conclusions too quickly. 

The specific identity of Ahriman has yet to be revealed. The ahrimanic entity has many minions and henchmen. Hopefully this newsletter will help you start peeling back the layers of the onion. 

We have more to reveal about Ahriman and will be sending out further newsletters regarding his identity in the Western World.

When the incarnation of Ahriman takes place in the Western World we shall simply see inscribed in the local Register, the birth of John William Smith (of course, this will not be the name) and people will look upon the child as a citizen in comfortable circumstances like any other, and they will sleep through what has in reality taken place.                                                                  
                                   Rudolf Steiner, The Mystery of the Human Will      

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