One of the prime directives of Neoanthroposophy is to integrate spiritual science into the modern world through deeds that reflect the moral world order. We are always looking for ways that the worldview of Anthroposophy be comes a tool with which to analyze and understanding the inner workings of the systems we see around us-- to find the way that wisdom can be found everywhere. 
If spiritual science enhances our thinking, feeling and willing, then we should be able to look at any situation or question and learn to perceive the inherent meaning within the object of consideration.  We should be able to look at a plant, a crystal, or a star in an entirely new way and find the spiritual treads of wisdom that weave together our perception and understanding. 
We should be able to see "the thing within the thing" or know the inner meaning of what we perceive. Rudolf Steiner enjoined us to be active with modern times and to be a true agent of change. Using the world view of spiritual science and our familiarity with Wisdom (Sophia), we should be able to look evil in the face and yet have the forces of good to confront evil with conscious Love (Christ) filled with Wisdom (Sophia) so that good may become what the spiritual world might "will" through us as acts of love given in freedom.
The Anonymous Patriots address modern issues with a backdrop of spiritual science that is lit up by Sophia's wisdom.  A new way of perceiving the outer world is shared by this "think tank" and through  Our Spirit  this message can be shared with others who may not be as in tune to Ahriman as you are. 

The Anonymous Patriots examine Ahriman's incarnation directly and do not back off from exposing the ugly outline of his features. Many milk-toast Anthroposophists have no stomach for such grotesque details. Instead they would rather curl up with Steiner books in the comfort of their chair and in isolation with their intellect, dismissing critical examination of Ahriman in the world as being distasteful and not "anthroposophical."
Our Spirit is dedicated to directly encountering Sophia - wisdom - in the world and bringing Her to light wherever we can. We know that Ahriman wishes to destroy Sophia and Her Son - Christos. We also know that Asuric beings consume human souls through their uncontrolled passions and desires. These beings flow through the Seven Deadly Sins and examples of human souls that have fallen into the deadly sins is evident on the world stage in increasing revelations of truth. 
Through the Seven Holy Virtues and the help of Christos-Sophia, we can conquer Ahriman, Lucifer, the Asuras, and even Sorath, the Sun Demon, himself. We have sacred power through Christ (Love) and sacred wisdom through Sophia. We can even be driven and enslaved by evil, but through Sophia-Christos we will never be conquered.
We must look those evil forces in the face and know that we have the power of Sophia-Christos within our hearts that can conquer each and every evil impulse.

The old saying goes, "Have you looked the devil 
in the face, my son?  I say, have you looked 
the devil in the face?  Because if you haven't - 
you might be going the same direction..."

In the future, we will be called upon to absorb evil into the goodness of humanity; for evil is good that is misplaced in time. Evil will be redeemed, in the end. For now, we must learn to face evil in all of its ugly forms and learn to know it, but not absorb it. Evil is wild and rampant and humans are not yet strong enough to directly absorb the global evil that is the hang-over of evil hierarchical beings rebelling from the agreed upon path of progressive development that is the plan of creation. Beings at all levels of the hierarchy have rebelled and create resistance for growth, or wild spurts of growth that do not aid the progressive plan of creation. 
We must face Lucifer in the desire of our astral body, Ahriman in the life of our etheric body, and the Asuras in the habits and rituals of our physical body.  Each Neoanthroposophist is working on these bodies and facing these beings directly. The Anonymous Patriots continue to peel back the layers of deception under which Lucifer, Ahriman, and the Asuras are hiding in our midst.
In this newsletter, we have linked to some recent articles by the Anonymous Patriots. If these topics do not resonate with you at this time, please exit this week's newsletter. Everything has its time and season and when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  We are each walking our own path up the mountain; once we reach the top, we can then discuss the landscape below with objectivity and experience. We all need to find others who challenge our thinking and open our minds to new thoughts that help "rework" our own world view. When you meet friends who join you at the summit, everyone's path is part of the topology.

Cognitive Dissonance 

If you think all of these geo-political theories and insights are what the CIA coined as "conspiracy theories," then you may be suffering from a form of cognitive dissonance where you are unable to hold two contrary thoughts about an incident in your thinking so you yield to the one that has greater control and peace of mind. 

Cognitive Dissonance Defined

In psychology,  cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, 
or values at the same time; performs an action that is contradictory to one or 
more beliefs, ideas, or values; or is confronted by new information that conflicts 
with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.

We see this when people cannot handle truths about situations where they have already been brainwashed (media-controlled) about topics that have already formed neural networks in their brains. For example, still believing that 9-11 happened because terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center or that children died at Sandy Hook. The list is endless. 

However, it may be more difficult to shake off your cognitive dissonance of recent events, rather than historic events. In this documentary about the Titanic, you may see things a different way. And if you can see the events of the Titanic in a different way, perhaps world events that you are now experiencing are not as they appear to be.  

We say, "Question everything." Be a critical thinker in world events just as you are when you read and study spiritual science. 

Now that you understand cognitive dissonance and have seen an example of an historic event dissected for truth, please check out these recent articles about world events that reveal the hidden workings of Lucifer, Ahriman, and the Asuras. We hope that readers will have the spiritual courage and fortitude to examine these with eyes wide open. As many of you are aware, we are transitioning into the Satya Yuga and will be leaving the old paradigms and systems of the Kali Yuga behind us. 


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