Democracy Renovation Newsletter

July 23, 2023

vol 2, no. 5 (June/July)


I'll be honest--in the heat of summer, post-illness, energy can falter. Two years in a row now, I've managed to start my late June vacation with a bout of Covid. Note to self: it's time to break the cycle!

But luckily, I'm part of a great team. If I falter, they step up.

At Partners In Democracy, we’re moving full speed ahead with our democracy renovation efforts. Key summer updates from the movement: 

No silver bullet, or single organization, can alone protect and renovate our democracy — but if we work together, we’ve got a shot. That’s why Partners In Democracy is focused on building bridges, and rallying partners around strategic efforts, to multiply our power as a cross-ideological movement, building a supermajority for democracy.

I pitch in with time and energy. Please see my Washington Post column, Caltech Commencement Address, and the video for the Adams Presidential Center linked below.

Can you help too? I will directly ask twice a year for support for Partners In Democracy: around July 4th and coming up to the end of the year.

Could you please chip in however you can to support our critical work?

With great thanks for your ongoing engagement and encouragement, let's keep the faith,

-- Danielle

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Washington Post Column

Our Democracy Is Menaced by Two Dragons. Here's How to Slay Them. (Which 2? Hint: an imbalanced Electoral College and gerrymandering)

Caltech CommencCaltech Commencement Address

A Call to Service for Democracy --Addressed to Scientists and Technologists

Introducing a Special Project:

The Adams Presidential Center

I'm grateful to have had the chance this year to join the board of the new Adams Presidential Center. With a great planning year behind us, work is moving ahead full steam. Learn more in the video above or on our website.

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