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May 31, 2023

vol 2, no. 4

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This month has almost gotten away from me, but I am getting in under the wire to share my monthly update on my democracy renovation work.

I have two Washington Post columns to offer --one on the architecture of increasing the size of the House of Representatives. This was a fun collaboration with the visionary architect Michael Murphy. It turns out we don't need a new building to grow the House to a recommended 585! Don't miss this piece. It's really fun.

The second is about civic education. We're at a low point. It's time to turn it around. How do we do that? For starters, we adults have to stop fighting so bitterly. But there's even more to be said so please read on.

I've finally learned how to use the gift links from the Washington Post so even if you don't subscribe, you should be able to read the architecture column and the civics column.

And if you'd rather listen than read, you can find a podcast below with Michael Tomasky and Felicia Wong, wonderful thinkers and leaders.

Finally, for Partners In Democracy and our work in Massachusetts, we are exploring a ballot initiative for same-day voter registration, a Top 5 election system, and limits on the impact of money in politics. I expect to be able to share our strategy by the end of June. If you're in Massachusetts, sign up to learn more!

-- Danielle

Washington Post Columns

Can the Capitol hold a much bigger House? Yes, here's how it would look.
We Hit Rock Bottom on Civics. Can We Turn It Around?

A decade's worth of work...

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