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Hi Friends,

September is back to school month, of course. In the spirit of offering information and invitations, I write to share three things for the month:

(1) My review in Foreign Affairs of two important new books--by Yascha Mounk and Justin Gest--about what it will take for us to achieve a healthy 21st century democracy where no particular ethnic group is in the majority. The answer is a connected society, and political institutions that support forming connections across lines of difference.

(2) A recent whitepaper from my Democratic Knowledge Project team at Harvard on a next-generation strategy for measuring, recording, and reporting on student learning to support personalized approaches to learning and an aligned focus on excellence and equity.

(3) An invitation to an important conversation on October 5 at Harvard's Kennedy School about an approach to political economy that focuses on production, abundance, and putting good jobs at the center of our economic goals

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I hope to see you soon,