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With their average life expectancy between 8-10 yrs, our beloved Great Danes do not live as long as other breeds of dogs. More often than not, the ones that come to our rescue are considered Senior Dogs.

Seniors often get overlooked at adoptions because they are presumed to already have a significant amount of health or behavioral issues. While there can be instances of this, the truth is, senior dogs have plenty to offer families.

For instance, they may already be potty trained or know basic commands. They may also already have been socialized and have their temperament established.
While there many positives to adopting a Senior Dog, there are things to keep in mind. Below is the abridged version this article. You can view the original article at PET.MD.

Senior pets are more likely to experience arthritis and a general decline in their senses such as vision, hearing, and cognitive abilities. Slight changes in the environment can make huge impacts on their physical and emotional well-being, including:

Decrease pressure on aging bones and joints. Orthopedic dog beds make excellent additions.

Ramps, Toe Grips, Floor Rugs
Since Increase his ability to grip while reducing the likelihood of slipping and falling.

Raised Food & Water Bowls
Well known in the Great Dane community, these raised bowls prevent your dog from leaning down too much to eat or drink, reducing pain.

Night Light
Aids with failing vision.

Harness Support
Reduces the stress when lifting your dog up stairs, on walks, in and out of cars, etc.

Many Such as Senilife® (brain health), Dasuquin® (joint care), Denamirin® (liver health).

Environmental Enrichment
Such as food puzzles, since some senior dogs may not be able to be as active.

Consistency/Daily Routine
Minimize adding or changing furniture to facilitate easier movement and navigation around the home.

Check this out – me and my new family! I’ve been living with them for a bit while I got spayed, and now I’m living with them forever!!! 

I have some human brothers and sisters and a Dane brother and a hedgehog – we are all quite the family.
Lovin Life and Livin Large! This family took me in and we immediately fell in love. Sooo happy to be staying with my Foster Family. As you can see, I have two human and two dog siblings and we are all having a blast together – that’s me in the middle of the pic.
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