The City Breaks Ground for New Public Safety Building

Construction for the new Brockton Public Safety building has recently begun under the leadership of the city’s public offices and Suffolk Construction Company. With a dazzling state-of-the-art architectural design, the complex will be home to the community’s police department, fire department, information technology, and emergency management. This centralized design will improve communication between public safety sources, as well as accessibility for residents.

The announcement was further honored and publicized by a traditional groundbreaking ceremony hosted by Mayor Robert Sullivan. With heads tucked under hard hats and shovels in hand, a group of various public safety officials, including the chiefs of the fire and police departments, helped beckon in an important moment for Brockton’s safety as they tossed up some dirt from the construction site.

James R. Sweeney, a local expert in the real estate industry, remarked on how the building’s creation is a “massive and much needed development” for the community. He credits the mayor, city council, and other supporters for their work and efforts in perfectly timing the city’s borrowing of $98 million for this enterprise. Since this was done at a time when “rates were 2%”, community members will not have to worry about any tax increases to fund the construction. All in all, the building will be a valuable contribution to the town and is scheduled to be open in the summer of 2025.

Story Credit: Angel Benjamin, BuzzAround Writing Intern, Brown University
Source & Photo Credit: James R. Sweeney and City of Brockton FB
Historical Tidbit:
A Poet of Brockton

This is 815 Belmont Street opposite Linwood Street. It was built in 1754. Back in the early 1800 a famous poet named William Cullen Bryant lived in the house while he studied law with a West Bridgewater lawyer. The house at that time was in North Bridgewater. Cullen went on to be the editor for 50 years of the New York Evening Post. It was written in a book entitled "Brockton and It's Centennial" that Bryant penned the following to a friend.

“I went last week with my brother John to Plymouth, where I was admitted to the practise of law fifty-nine years ago. . . . On our return, we stopped at North Bridgewater, where my
father and mother were born and there stumbled upon a Bryant, 'a solid' man of North Bridgewater, now called Brockton, who took us to the house where my grandfather, Dr. Philip Bryant, lived, and to the graveyard where he and his wife Silence, lie buried beside my great grandparents. The whole place resounds, rather rattles, with the machinery of shoeshops, which turn out millions of shoes, not one of which, I am machinery of shoeshops, which turn out millions of shoes.”

Photo and story credit: Ed Williams
City Hall
45 School St 508-580-7123
Check the city website for important updates

Brockton Public Library
Main Library - 304 Main St. 508-580-7890
East Branch - 54 Kingman St. 508-580-7892
West Branch - 540 Forest Ave. 508-580-7894

Council on Aging 
 Temporarily at The Shaws Center,
1 Feinberg Way 508-580-7811
Email & phone contact only
Paula Snell
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Become a Heat Watch Hero

Saturday, July 29

Brockton, Avon, and Abington are coming together this summer to track heat distribution throughout the area. A team of volunteers will drive designated routes with provided heat sensors to determine where heat accumulates the most throughout these three municipalities. This information will also let us know where the best spots to cool off are during hot summer days!

Volunteers are needed to be either drivers to drive along predetermined routes or navigators to help with directions. Email: To sign up, click and fill out this doc..
The Mike and Beth Show

Friday, July 28
1 Feinberg Way

The Mike and Beth Cabaret Show will have you smiling from ear to ear with their unique blend of harmony and comedy! Stories, songs, jokes and kazoos will have your toes tapping and mouths flapping as you sing along to your favorite songs from every era!

To sign up, call (508)-580-7811.
Audition for
White Christmas:
The Musical

Sunday, August 6
1 - 3p
by appointments only
1 Massasoit Blvd

Interested in acting or being apart of a production? Lucky for you, the Massasoit Theatre Company has announced open auditions for the holiday classic: Irving Berlin’s White Christmas -The Musical. Based on the beloved, timeless film, this heartwarming musical adaptation features seventeen Irving Berlin songs and a book by David Ives and Paul Blake. They are seeking all principal roles and a dance ensemble of 6 men and 6 women to cover various roles.

Auditions will take place in the college's Buckley Performing Arts Center, located on their Brockton campus.

To sign up for an audition slot, fill out this registration form.

For more information, visit the Massasoit Community College website.
City Councilor Candidates

Citizens interested in running for a Brockton Councilor position, submit nomination papers to the Elections Commission Office by August 1, at 5p.

Register for and vote in the city preliminary election, Tuesday, September 19!

And the City election, Tuesday, November 7!

As elections for the Brockton City Council come up, it is important to get to know who the running candidates are and ask questions about their agendas. The Brockton City Council represents every resident in all 7 wards and their 28 precincts.

If you want to register for online voter registration or view future poll locations, view more information City Election Information .

Clothing Drive

July 11th - August 1st
12 - 9p

The Brocton Public Library Children's Room is hosting a clothing donation drive. If you have any clothes to donate, drop-off locations will be at the East Branch Library, Main Branch Library, and the Mayor's office.

For more information, check out the Brockton Public Library event calender website.
2023 Brockton
Music & Art Festival

Saturday, August 5
11a - 5p
250 Crescent Street

Come celebrate the community spirit of Brockton at Salisbury Park! There will be a variety of vendors, children's activities, Brockton history lessons, live music entertainment, food, and so much more to enjoy.

To view the flyer for more details, visit Bill Hogan's Facebook post.
Naomi Westwater Concert

Saturday, July 29
2 - 3p
304 Main Street

Come see Naomi Westwater, an award winning queer Black-multiracial singer-songwriter, perform at the Brockton Public Library! Her music is described as "layered, striking, and tender" in complement with "folk music" that mixes a bit of "jazz and rock". Westwater has been nominated for Boston Music Awards and featured on a variety of radio stations.

Visit the Brockton Public Library for more information.
Ten Pin Bowling Fundraiser

Sunday, August 16
6 - 9p
65 Westgate Drive

Sign up for the Brockton Lions Club's fundraiser, which will take place at Westgate Lanes. All levels are welcomed and participants can compete for prizes. Three games of bowling will be included. It will be $25 per person with the proceeds going to benefit the Brockton Lions Club.

To register or ask questions, email for the registration form.
Volunteers Needed for Brockton Holiday Celebration

We need amazing folks like YOU to get involved to make the day a success! Are you a friend, resident, or representative of Brockton? Here's an opportunity to engage with and give back to your community!

This is a great opportunity to get more involved with your city, and to help plan an amazing event that brings smiles to the faces of thousands in and around Brockton!

To sign up and become a volunteer, submit this application.
SEED Campers Create
Their Own Craters

On Monday, July 10, children participating in the Science & Engineering Education Development camp had the chance to learn about the formation and presence of moon craters through hands-on activities and in-depth lessons. In the activities, campers did a crater test activity where they dropped a few different objects into a mixture that would mimic the impact of a fallen asteroid. Through this experience, they were taught about moon craters’ relations to the dinosaurs and even dived deeper into the subject of asteroids – such as their size, crater rays, and the angles of impact.

Source Credit: SEED, Inc. FB
Climate Can-Do: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Everything we throw away contributes to polluting the air we breathe and the water we drink! We can minimize the amount of pollution by using a simple method: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

Reduce Is first. It's the most important! To reduce the waste we produce, we reduce the number of products we purchase. Not only will being mindful of your purchases reduce the amount of waste on our planet, but it will also save you a a lot of money.

Reuse: Another way to help our environment is reusing the items and products that we might have thrown away unconsciously. Instead of tossing that shirt you no longer wear, donate it to someone who would wear it. Instead of purchasing a case of plastic water bottles, invest in a reusable water bottle. They are environment friendly and will keep your beverage cold.

Recycle: Recycling stops our trash from wrecking the environment. You would be surprised by the number of things that can be recycled, from mattresses to batteries; metal scraps to clothing and textiles. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection provides a search bar on their website where you can type the name of a waste item and it will tell you how to recycle or dispose of it.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences explains: "Waste, and how we choose to handle it, affects our world's environment. The environment is everything around you including the air, water, land, plants, and man-made things. The waste we create has to be carefully controlled to be sure that it does not harm your environment and your health." The best way we can help protect our environment and health is to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

This Climate Can-Do Article was written by Meghan Lotti, BuzzAround Writing Intern, Bridgewater State University. We focus on actions which individuals can do in the face of our climate emergency. We can do!
Brockton Conservation
Commission Meeting
July 19, 2023
Video Courtesy of BCA
Podcast Summer Camp 2023
Session 1
July 19, 2023
Video Courtesy of BCA
Mold Guys Restoration
Air Duct / Vent Cleaning * Restoration & Rebuild * Water Damage & Mold

We are there when you need us!

(781) 910-5029
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Read more
The Downtown
Brockton Association

The Downtown Brockton Association (DBA) is working to connect local establishments, government agencies, businesses, non-profits, and people with information and resources that encourage development while protecting Brockton’s quality of life for the community. Through collaboration, the DBA is able to provide support and foster healthy private-public partnerships.

To learn more about their work: DBA website.
Manning Pool
is Open

Open 7 days, 1 - 6p
Mon, Wed, Fri: FREE
Tue, Thur, Sun, Sat:
$4 per person, $1 for seniors
470 Forest Avenue

The Manning Pool at the Brockton High School is now open to all visitors! The capacity is 225 guests. No locker facilities are open so guests must arrive in bathing suits. Coolers are allowed but subject to search. No glass containers or mesh shorts are allowed. No cotton t-shirts in the pool are allowed.

To learn more, click
The FDNA’s 9th Annual
“Reading Frederick Douglass” Event

Frederick Douglass is regarded as one of the most prominent anti-slavery activists in American history. In honor of his long-lasting legacy and endeavors, the Frederick Douglass Neighborhood Association Brockton hosts a public reading of his renowned abolitionist speech “What To the Slave Is The Fourth of July?”. On Saturday, July 8, four days after the country’s Independence Day celebrations, the FDNA held their 9th event in the greenery of the Frederick Douglass Garden, where community volunteers from all over lent their voices to deliver Douglass’ potent song. Readings were delivered in a variety of languages including Haitian, Polish, and Vietnamese.

Story Credit: Angel Benjamin, BuzzAround Writing Intern, Brown University
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Feeling the music, and letting your body respond. When done with a group of people, truly magic. Watch less, dance more. ~ Jacquie
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