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Do you and your cows have good manners? 

Join us in Reno


AMTS, Dairy One and Adisseo will be hosting a joint meeting prior to the 2015 Western Dairy Management Conference at John Ascuaga's Nugget Resort. The purpose of the meeting is to introduce and review the new concepts in CNCPS 6.5 and the lab analyses to support it. The meeting will be held on Tuesday March 03, from 8AM - 1PM (lunch provided). There is limited seating for this meeting, so reply early to reserve your seat. Admission is $50. 


Contact Lynn Gilbert at lynn@agmodelsystems.com to make your reservation.


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Talking about Ag in your Community - Talking Emotions and then Science 

Kendra Lamb and Jessica Ziehm at a recent training in Syracuse roll playing the 3 steps. Kendra and Jessica's farms have Facebook pages, Lamb Farms, Inc and Tiashoke Farm. Their farms are also members of Dairy One.

A 3-Step Process:


1. Listen - This can be a challenge for all of us, as we want to answer and correct people before we really listen to what they are saying. Often, those concerned about their food are primarily concerned about their family or kids. If we take the time to actively listen--without judgment--for points of connection, we will do better a better job of communicating our message to them.


2. Ask - The first question in your head in response to an anti-ag statement is likely not the one that is going to expand the conversation, but one that may insult the other person or make them unwilling to continue the conversation. Try to ask something that will help you understand what their concerns are. For example, if they mentioned their kids in their concerns, ask about their kids, make a connection. You should try to ask 3 questions about their concerns before jumping into step 3.


3. Share - The connections we make with others are based on shared values. By actively listening and asking some good questions, you should have an idea of what values you share with the person you are talking with. Use those shared values to communicate the relevant information to support your view on the topic of concern.




There are lots of great resources out there to help you with tackling the tough topics out there. Check out www.gmoanswers.com, discover.monsanto.com/conversation/, www.foodintegrity.org, and janiceperson.com to get started. They offer some great materials for you to use or to use to train groups about communication about agriculture and food.


There are some cases where you will not be able to make progress; it is hard to change beliefs. Remember the golden rule in your responses: treat others as you would like to be treated. If it feels like you are getting nowhere, then it may be time to agree to disagree and walk away from the conversation.

Interested in saving money on CNCPS 6.5 ration software and forage analysis?

AMTS will be rolling out the updated version of their ration software, incorporating 6.5 biology over the next 90 days. If you're interested in purchasing the latest in ration balancing software, now is the time to buy! For those 90 days, AMTS & Dairy One are offering a joint software/forage analysis package. Purchase AMTS software and blocks of forage analysis together and receive both at a discounted rate. 

AMTS licenses          Discount/savings

1 - 4                           5%

5 - 14                         10%

15 - 24                       15%

25 - 49                       20%




Blocks of analyses         Price         Savings

100 NIR Pro analyses        $2,375        $125

300 NIR Pro analyses        $6,750        $750


This offer is for NEW AMTS subscribers. You must purchase both software licenses and blocks of analyses in any combination to qualify.

For more information, contact Marti-Jo by phone at 607-257-1272 x2156 or by e-mail at marti-jo.russell@dairyone.com for more information on testing blocks, or Caroline by phone at 607-423-9058 or by email at caroline@agmodelsystems.com for more information on AMTS.

Take advantage today! This offer expires on March 31, 2014.
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