Fresh corn silage samples submitted from 8/1-12/31 for each year.

At a quick glance, corn silage nutritional quality appears better in 2018 than in 2017. Last year was characterized by a number of particularly wet samples compared to the previous year (refer to November 2017’s newsletter ), and based on quality numbers, 2017 forage was going to be a challenge to feed. We received feedback during the year stating it fed “fairly” well, which would normally induce excitement for the increase in quality in 2018. Unfortunately, this crop year has been accompanied by high levels of ‘anti-nutrients’ and the fall harvest is not performing to expectations. With the heat and excessive moisture at the end of the growing season, we have observed higher levels and increased instances of mycotoxins, molds, and yeasts coming off the field. Without adding binders to the diet and an inoculant in the bunk, these problems have the potential to become worse and affect your overall production. Monitor your feed hygiene and feel free to contact us to discuss your options for testing. Our mycotoxin panel covers the main toxins of concern and we also have the capability to perform mold and yeast counts.