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Focus on Christ
“For The Lord will not abandon his people, nor will he forsake his own.”
Psalm 94:14

Forward Day by Day had a great story about Saint Laurence of Rome. He was a third-century deacon who had the job, given to him by the Pope, of overseeing the church's treasury and ensuring the care of those in need. I was impressed by how he did his job. When the emperor passed a decree that all bishops, priests and deacons should be executed, a Roman official demanded that Laurence gather the church's wealth and come before him. Laurence appeared three days later with a group of poor, blind, lame and suffering Christians. He told the official that these were the church's treasure.

Yes, we have beautiful things that we enjoy and value, as well as great places in which to worship. These are wonderful aids to our worship, but we are reminded that our focus is our Lord Jesus Christ and His people, especially the least, the last and the lost.

"The church is in the business of caring for, loving and nurturing God's people. The poor and the wealthy, the sick and the healthy and everything in between. The holiest moment of the church service is the moment when God's people, strengthened by preaching, prayer and sacrament, go out the church door into the world to be the church. We don't go to church; we are the church."[1] St. Martin's does a great job of mission and outreach with 25-percent of the treasure that is provided by our members and their work in the community; boots on the ground. We have a service, Church in the Field, once a month for the homeless in downtown Houston. It includes music, food and worship, as well as programs to help feed and provide help for those in need.

We share not just our “silver and gold,” but also our time and talent by serving and working on His behalf. The work that goes on at St. Martin’s is never-ending and there are many opportunities to be part of this ministry.

Please refer to St. Martin’s Parish Life publication for 2021-2022 for detailed information about groups, classes, activities and ministries available for everyone.

[1] Canon Ernest Southcott, "Knights Treasury of Illustrations," p. 46, Walter B Knight.
The Rev. Nicolas (Nick) R.D. Dyke
Pastoral Associate
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