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Students share thoughts, advice for upcoming exams

Students across campus are preparing to hit the books on top of the usual workload, including student organizations, Greek life, jobs, friends and more. Although this can be stressful during exam time, having an extracurricular can be beneficial for time management skills. Another skill that helps is changing study habits, including how you prepare the night before and the day of. One senior shared that taking breaks and practicing self-care is important. The university offers resources for students to prepare for finals, including events all week at Alden Library, like “finals survival kits” and therapy dogs. Read more about how students are preparing for exams here.

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The best studying methods for finals

With less than a week before finals, students fill with dread as they try to find the best study method. One method to try is the “no phone” method, which means powering it off, putting it away and eliminating the distraction. Another tip to try is the Feynman Technique, a method in which you put the content you are studying into simpler terms as if you are explaining concepts to a 12-year-old child. Taking practice tests is also a good way to practice for the real thing. Click here to read more about studying methods to try for finals.

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‘Kazma’s Holly Jolly Holidays’ to raise money for Children Services in Athens County

A local Athens drag queen, Kazma Knights, will be hosting her fifth annual “Kazma’s Holly Jolly Holidays,” a toy drive drag show at Athens Uncorked on Dec. 3. In partnership with Southeast Ohio Rainbow Alliance, five drop off locations have been made for people to bring toys as well. Along with Kazma Knights’ performance, Everlyn Everything, Rayley Saphron, Crylee Chimera, Miss Lady Dior, Mystique Monroe and others will also perform. Jack Wilburn, who is known as Evelyn Everything on stage, plans to perform holiday songs. Reed Holt who will perform as Rayley Saphron wants to be formal with the set. Read more about the upcoming holiday drag performance here.

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Men’s Basketball: What to know about the UC-Clermont game

In light of Ohio’s sweet at the Bobcat Battle tournament this past weekend, the Bobcats are hoping to continue a streak on their home court against UC-Clermont. The Bobcats will take on the Cougars in a rare, first-time match up at 7 p.m. in The Convo. Some players to watch out for include senior Miles Brown, who currently leads Ohio in scoring with 13.3 points per game, and freshman Aidan Hadaway, who has played the most minutes of any freshman. Sophomore A.J. Clayton has also shown himself a valuable player when he recently collected a career-high 11 rebounds against Alabama State. Click here to read more about the Bobcats game at home.

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Lately with Layne: Wins for USWNT fighting gender discrimination

Opinion: This year has been one of progress for the U.S. Women’s National Team with the end of wage discrimination. The ball started to roll in February when they received $24 million in back pay as a result of a gender discrimination lawsuit that was previously filed. Another big win came when Megan Rapinoe received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Biden, an honor only six other female athletes have been chosen for. The team’s viewership has even increased this year, particularly during the SheBelievesCup with a viewer count 78 percent higher than the 2019 average. Read more about how the USWNT has had victories off the field here.

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Football: Week 13 Student Media Poll picks from 'The Post'

On My Hill: Ohio State’s loss isn’t the end of the world

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